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  • Bladder Pain

    Hello. First post here but I've been readin the forum as well as the website.

    I am here because I've had what I thought were bladder infections for a long time now. About eight years ago I had a kidney infection. It was misdiagnosed at first and went untreated for three more days (high fever, couldnt leave bed, two hospital trips etc) until I got antibiotics and got it under control. Ever since then I've had problems with my bladder.

    Problems being just pain. I do not get a terrible need to pee right away, or suddenly. I do not get spasms. My urine is pretty much normal colored. But I have pain. Bladder area. Burning kinda, some pressure...very annoying. Some days it doesn't hurt. Other times it will hurt for days in a row, on a scale of one to ten...sometimes hurting just a one alllllll day, other days up to like 7 or 8 and I lay down most of the day.

    I ended up here because in I started suspecting this wasn't a bladder infection problem. I had some rotted teeth which I got surgically removed. During this I went on two courses of antibiotics. Also during this time I could not drink any coffee or any sugary treats or drinks of any kind for about two months. I did not have bladder pain during this time but assumed it was because I had taken two courses of antibiotics. The pain came back somewhat soon after I resumed my normal routine of one coffee per day, sometimes up to three, pop and sugary treats/drinks. I stopped the coffee and pop yesterday. It was hurting like pretty bad all day yesterday but is much improved today.

    I have no insurance so I can't really start fiddling around at a doctor trying to figure out whats what. I just don't have the money. But by using this elimination of coffee, pop and most sugary treats, can I assume if I get relief from my bladder pain that I am at least dealing with something similar to IC?

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    I never had urgency or pain on urination-just that nasty pelvic burning pressure pain you describe. And I was diagnosed with IC. Sticking with the IC diet until you find your triggers is a great place to start. Also, over the counter Azo helps with my bladder pain, as does 1/4 tsp. baking soda in water 4 x a day(I know, not very appealing.) Good luck.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      I do use baking soda if the pain is really bothering me. Usually only about a half teaspoon a day though. Is baking soda safe to consume on a regular basis?

      I have felt a lot of relief the past couple days since I stopped drinking all coffee and pop. I did eat tomato sauce for two meals yesterday but it doesn't seem to give me the very bad and annoying pain that I seem to get while drinking coffee.


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        Hey Jean,
        Coffee was a real no no for me. Always causes me pain. I can take 1/4 tsp. baking soda 4 x a day with no problem. My blood pressure is normal and my doc says no problem for me. Tomatoes are no problem for me either; stress is my trigger for sure--that and coffee and really spicy food. Hope you continue to find relief. I LOVE YOGA!! and meditation-if that's not too new age for ya!