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  • Scope next week

    I've been so overwhelmed the past few months and have read this forum and web-site many times to find comfort. This past October I had a HORRIBLE UTI and went to the gyno to get antibiotics. While there she did STD testing and a pap smear and everything came back normal. I took my meds and went on my merry way for about 2 weeks. Then the symptoms came back...not as bad but they were definitely there. I had urethral pain, urgency, and frequency. I went to another doctor they did another test and gave me more antibiotics. She sent my urine off for a culture. When it came back (a few days later) she called and told me I had no bacteria in my urine. I was however still in a world of pain. I started get nervous and stressed out (I'm a worrier and I always think the worse) the pain started getting worse so I ended up in the ER. They gave me a shot of antibiotic and then pain pills plus another antibiotic. I soon after went to the urologist and he told me to stop taking all antibiotics that he couldn't find any bacteria in my urine at all. I had a high white blood cell count but nothing else. He told me it could be two things: overactive bladder or IC. I had started researching my symptoms and stumbled upon IC so I knew a thing or two about it when he mentioned it to me. They gave me an overactive bladder medicine to try first but it did NO good. I went today to visit him again and he schedule the scope for next Thursday. I have been told many things and I"m so overwhelmed by all of it. The pain for me goes away and comes back. I was also told by one doctor that it was autoimmune related and that now I'm more prone for other autoimmune diseases. My doctor today told me that this was not the case. I dunno...I am overwhelmed, nervous about this scope, and nervous about how this is all going to turn out. And if it's not IC what could it be thats causing this much pain. My bladder never hurts it's usually only my urethra. Anyways....that's my story any words of advice are greatly appreciated.

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    to the IC Network. I'm glad you found us.

    Try not to stress too much about the scope --- if you can manage to relax, it's not bad at all. When I have one I concentrate on my breathing and consciously relaxing.

    One thing you might try while you're waiting is to print out a copy of the latest food list (the link is in my signature below) and give the diet a whirl.

    Sending encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Welcome to our "little" family!

      Donna gave you some good advice. Try to relax and take deep breaths. If you have an mp3 player and ear buds, you might try playing music during the procedure, but it usually doesn't last very long. At least you are one more step in the process to finding out what is going on.

      I also wanted to mention that many people have primarily urethral pain vs bladder pain with their IC, so maybe that is describing you.

      One step at a time..........

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        Thanks for the words of encouragement. My doctor told me that I'll actually be knocked out during the procedure so I think my nerves are coming from just the whole process. I've been trying to follow the diet for quite some time now but definitely struggle in it. I hope that knowing for sure will push me to follow it better. Thanks again! One step closer...I'm ready to know something.


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          good luck
          I am in the UK and was offered a scope thing a few years back but I was too scared to go. They use a general to put people under for it at the local hospital, and I was too scared.
          However I wish I had of done it now, because i need to get it done now anyways!
          Good luck and best wishes for it, I hope you get help for the symptoms and it goes well.


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            EmilyJo. I am rather pleased you will be "knocked out" The thought of going through that while awake scares the heck out of me. It is so important to get diagnosed as soon as possible. Five years into IC and with my Doctor's help, Diet, and meds I live a near normal life. Please keep us posted. I'm glad you found this site. It sure has helped me. Hugs, Ziggy


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              From what you are saying it sounds like they are planning to do a csyto/ hydro which is where they put you to sleep and expand your bladder with water in order to see if you have any signs of IC, they also measure your bladder capacity at that time. All Drs have differing opinions on what causes IC. The truth is no one knows the cause of IC at this time. Many people have ideas but nothing has been proven. Many of us with IC do have other conditions as well, but just as many only have IC and no other conditions. Don't feel like you are doomed to have a lot of other problems along with the IC.
              With IC there is no cure, that is true, but there are so many treatments that it is very likely you will get on a good treatment plan and go on with your life with minimal changes. Just try to take a deep breath and wait and see what your Dr finds.

              Keep us updated and like Donna said trying the diet in the meantime is a great idea. It can't hurt to get ahead on soothing your bladder by eating and drinking the right things.
              Take care,
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