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Do you have to have general anesthesia for cysto?

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  • Do you have to have general anesthesia for cysto?

    Do you have to be given general anesthesia for a cystoscopy?I thought one could be done in the doctor's office under local anesthesia but I hear a lot of people talking about having it done at the hospital.I am really scared of general anesthesia.


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    A cystoscopy with hydrostention (the fill your bladder to capacity with water) has to be done under general as it would be to painful otherwise. It just couldn't be done. The in office cystoscopy is done without anesthesia at all. For me, I will NEVER allow another Dr to do an in office cystosope on me. I have severe IC and it is entirely too painful for me. The cysto/hydro doesn't cause me any problems other than the usual grogginess from g.a.
    Hope this helps explain it to you.
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      I have had several cystoscopies in my uro's office. If I relax it isn't any worse than having a catheter inserted --- uncomfortable, but not horrible.

      A hydrodistention is performed in an operating room and does require anesthesia. I usually have a spinal for this procedure.

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        I've had a regular cystoscopy in office and it was for me like Donna described as having a catheter inserted. Uncomfortable but not painful for me. They didn't use a local or anything. To me the catheter insertion is always the most uncomfortable. The scope and sterile water didn't bother me at all. Took less then 15 minutes from start to finish and dr showed me everything on a tv screen that he was looking at. I've never had a cysto with hydro but am sure if I did it would be under general.

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          I had to be knocked out completely, but I have severe pelvic pain from PFD and Vulvodynia so the doctor thought it would hurt me to be awake.

          Worked out well in the end b/c it was discovered during the cysto I have an abnormally small urethra and they could barely do it with me knocked out let alone awake.

          I think it really depends on the doctor and the pain tolerance of the patient.
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