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Long remissions between bouts--could this be IC?

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  • cmclien
    In the first stage of this condition, you can periods where you feel totally normal and then other times where it acts up. So you could still have a very mild IC that hasn't progressed any further. There is nothing that says it will progress further and you might just have intermittant bouts.

    And yes I think UTI's can leave your bladder irritated and sensitive for many weeks or longer though they would show up on a urine test.

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  • sissygirl
    started a topic Long remissions between bouts--could this be IC?

    Long remissions between bouts--could this be IC?

    Hi all--

    I was very active on these boards a while ago. Just wanted to check back in and say that I have been sympton free for a year without any real treatment plan. I must stress I never had an official diagnosis of IC, despite a few inconclusive work ups for it. I have over the years had several months and months long struggles with constant frequency, insomnia because of it, and the feeling I always have to "go."

    During my last bout, my GYN thought that low estrogen might be part of the problem (I am 46) and I have been doing better on BCPS.

    My UTI symptoms never responded to antibiotics but I was always given antibiotics at first symptoms of a UTI--not tested with a urine sample first--then a few more rounds of other antibiotics when the first seemed to not work.

    I am left to wonder if there is maybe a related IC type syndrome where antibiotics and UTIs cause so much irritation to the bladder that it takes months and months and months to feel normal again....That seems to be my situation so far....