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im young an in pain, what could this be?

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  • im young an in pain, what could this be?

    i have had burning since i was a todler im 17 now and have found that sex can make it worse, it was never bothersome till i was about 12 or 13 and then it started to become crippling i do have pressure and unable to hold it fro a long time especially if im sitting down but the burning is what gets me its teh worst part im afraid to pee because i think it will burn and it always does, ive been from dlc to doc ive seen urologists, nephrologists even gynos and everyone just shrugs thier sholders and sends me home with vicodine and pyridium, my pediatritian even suggested to my mothe that im faking it because they can never find an infection, i keep telling them its not an infection and my mother too but now ive had to drop out of school because of pain pyridium is slowly losing effect on me and everyday becomes harder, iv been to the hospital for caths and dehydration because im afraid to drink anything but sprite cuz i kno il have to pee if i drink, sprite seems to help, i cant live my life like this anylonger what should i do what could this be my uro says im too young for IC and my ped thinks im faking or crazy..... im not ccrazy i know what im feeling and it is 100% real

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    sweety you are not to young to have IC anyone , male/female,child/race can get this desease. convince your mom to read some of the storys here on this network. beg her to take you to a expert urologist preferebly in a big city, no offence small town docs but i have had my experience. once they know for sure there are test to determine if you indeed have ic. after that you and your uro can find the right treatment plan. the uro you have now saying you are to young has not a clue about urology apparently.i hope and pray that you get medical and emotional support from your mom. this forum understands you completely ask as many questions they will get answered. last but not least trust in God there are other teens on this forum you can talk too as well. you are not alone we are all sisters and brothers with the understanding of this desease.
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      Linda is right. Even children five years old can have IC. One thing I do suggest is to stop drinking sodas, including sprite --- that alone can cause irritation to an inflamed bladder. I suggest you start drinking water --- take small drinks frequently so you get at least six cups a day. At first it may seem like it's irritating, but please give it a few days. Concentrated urine is more painful.

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        i go to a doctor in tampa, at all childrens hospital, i think im too old for a pediatric uro but no one will acept me beause im 17 and dont have insurance and the only one who belives me is my nephro but she cant do much but prescribe me the pyridium, im just to the point where im afraid to do anything because i know im going to hurt, i avoid long rides, i avoid leaving the house... i need to be where i can curl up in a ball on the shower floor at all times and its not a life, how can i ever work, how will i support myself how can i bare being pregnant when that time comes, my bf is very understanding, i live with him and by live with him mean i live in his bathroom or shower his job gives him insurance and we might get married early because of that, no insurance companys will except me and i mean NONE,i havent been to a doc in about a year because when my dad died in march or 2010 my mom applied for medicade, so medicade cancled my healthy kids and didnt accept me cuz my mom made lik 200 more than the limit, and healthy kids wouldnt accept cuz of previous medical history, i just want to be normal i dont want to worry about going out or taking all this medicine.


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          and my grandmother has IC would that increase my posibility.... does it sound like IC even though my main complaint is burning and blood in the urine


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            I had similar symptoms like you when I was 12-17 and never got an IC diagnosis. I saw the best uro's, gyn, and internists but I think they thought I was too young to have IC. If you don't have insurance the best thing you can do is modification of diet, IC diet, drinking water and exercising. Exercise released endorphins in the brain and can help with pain. Once I finally gave up pop and starting following my diet more strictly my frequency has dropped significantly but my pain has never been controlled. There could also be underlying causes of the burning and blood in your urine. I'm not sure if the blood in the urine is an IC symptom or not.
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