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    I haven't formally been diasnosed but i'm about 99% sure i have IC... I've just recently started a flare and have been unable to sleep for more than an hour for the last 3 days.. it feels like my dad is taking me for a long roadtrip and won't pull over for me to use the bathroom.. nothing provides relief.. I am going to the gyno this afternoon any suggestions are appreciated.

    Also mild problems started and progressed after I had a surgery and was given a urinary catheter the RN really struggled getting it in.. aweful experience.. anyways I was just wondering if anyone has had any flares associated with catheter insertion.

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    see a expert uro asap there are tests they can do to determine ic.
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      The test

      But to test don't they need to stick a camera in your bladder. I've read too many places where people say this has made their symptoms worse. I had a vaginal ultrasound the other day after it was done I was so sore and flaring for a good 24 hrs. I know what you mean about sleep! I feel for you I have not slept much in weeks and it is taking it's toll on me. I hope you find some relief!