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  • Doctors are crazy

    I have been struggling with bladder issues since late November, this time. When they first started, I felt like I couldn't get empty, and I felt like I had to go ALL the time. So, I went to my gp, and he sent me to a urologist in early February. There is blood in my urine, large amounts. By the time I got to the urologist, I was going every 10 minutes and I was intense pain, constantly, which of course brings the nausea. I am also seeing bits of tissue in my urine. CT scan- Nothing. ER Visit-ultrasound, also nothing. Back to urologist- Cystoscopy- Nothing. The thing about the urologist is that it takes forever to get in with him, he doesn't want to give any meds for pain or nausea. I have been in to see another urologist, who thinks I might just have bladder spasm, he prescribed Vesicare, which slowed it down a bit, but didn't cure the pain. I went back to the first guy, he says, quit the vesicare, and call me in 2 weeks. He wants to do a bladder distention. I am in a lot of pain. It gets worse when I bend, twist or over or under hydrate. I want to know if this sounds typical? Do you get better results from your docs? When I call to follow up it takes days to get back with them. I just feel so frustrated. Any advice appreciated.

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    I should have mentioned I had similar symptoms about 14 months ago, they lasted about 3 weeks and then disappeared.


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      My suggestion would be to decide which urologist you want to see, call and make another appointment. It doesn't sound like you are improving like you have in the past. And it sounds like one of the doctors thinks you may have IC; a distention isn't usually done unless that's the thought.

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        donna is right try to find a uro that will see you immediately.
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          Pelvic pain is NEVER normal.
          See if you can find a doctor (preferably a gyn or a urologist or someone who specializes in both) in your area through The International Pelvic Pain Society. They'll take you seriously and will hopefully allow you to bypass unnecessary and invasive procedures as well as get to the root of your issue(s). It seems as though you are now being treated as a person who only has urgency and that's only part of a larger problem.

          I'd also consider seeking out a physical therapist through that link above. There could be a pelvic floor issue your doctors have been overlooking.

          Lots of doctors have zero skills at treating chronic disorders. But there are lots who do. The trick is to find the good ones before you have deal with the morons.

          Good luck and keep us updated.
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