hi everyone,

i just got back from my office cystctoscopy (ow!) and i got some strange results.

my uro said he was expecting to find a stone; i was expecting him to diagnose me with IC. my bladder has gotten much better since i've eliminated most acidic foods from my diet, so i thought the diagnosis would be cut and dry.

instead he told me that he noticed from my CT scan that it seemed like i had an abnormally large uterus for my age (i'm 22 and have never had kids) and when he did the cysto he could see what appeared to be a dent in my bladder where my uterus is. he said my case was very abnormal to him.

when he went out right after the cysto, i heard him mention IC so i thought maybe there was some damage to my lining as well; when i asked he did mention there was a lot of blood or blood clots or something.

anyway now i'm back to the gyno again (musical doctors!) but i was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a diagnosis like this before? could the diet possibly help soothe my bladder even if i didn't have IC, which would explain why the diet felt like it was working?

would appreciate any insight, thanks!