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    So my story, (it's long, bear with me please)

    I'm 25yrs old, I have two children aged 2 and 4, and work as a nurse at a hospital.

    On Saturday March 5th I woke up at about 3 am with severe UTI-like symptoms. Burning, urgency, bladder spasms, pain with urination, urinating small amts at a time, etc. I woke up and drank several glasses of water. I had a rx for antibiotics that I never ended up needing for something else so I took one of those, some motrin, and a xanax and finally got to sleep. I had 3 days worth of antibiotics taking them twice a day. I worked all weekend so I couldn't go to an urgent care and the antibiotics were helping so I figured I'd be okay.

    Well after taking the antibiotics I felt as though my symptoms weren't completely eradicated so I went to an urgent care center on Thursday the 10th. They did the quick urine test and it was negative for bacteria, but he stated the antibiotics I was on could account for that and Rx'd me another antibiotic to take for a week. I took that through the weekend but didn't feel any different so I went to my OB/GYN on Monday the 13...thinking maybe it was a now a yeast infection. They did a urine culture and Rx'd me Diflucan pills for a yeast infection. I took those and no improvement. The cultures came back negative for bacteria and yeast.

    So here I am, almost 4 weeks later still miserable. My symptoms now are burning urethra (it burns and my urine feels hot when I urinate), over-sensitivity in my vulva, a burning/pressure/cramp -like pain while I urinate, and after I urinate for about 20-30min. I have urgency and some frequency (but only because I choose to go thinking it'll help the pain maybe a couple extra bathroom trips/day). My pain is always bad in the am and before bed...but right now it's pretty bad and it's 2pm. I've been sleeping through the night. I have noticed some occ. vaginal itching and dryness.

    I have an appt with a NP at a urology office tomorrow am. Since Monday I've been following the IC diet pretty strictly (completely avoiding everything on the "no" list, and as much on the "maybe" list as possible) improvements noted. OTC AZO / tyelenol have not helped. Sex doesn't hurt, but my drive has sucked due to the pain.

    Possibly-pertinent info:
    - I've always been UTI prone, especially because I have a problem drinking enough water (I don't ever feel thirsty and I work a busy job where I can easily work 9 hrs without drinking/peeing). However my UTIs have always responded well to tx and I've never had this length of symptoms.
    - I had a missed miscarriage in January, the baby died but I had no symptoms, I had to do several doses of intra-vaginal cytotec to induce a miscarriage. I've had 2 pretty normal periods following the cessation of the miscarriage bleeding.
    - I feel like I have a "nervous" bladder, when I get anxious I have to pee more often.
    - I had two vaginal births, after the second I never felt like things were normal down there, immediately after the birth I had stress incontinence, and now if I run/jump it feels like things may just come out...however I can never actually feel tissue protruding or anything. I'm not having stress incontinence now...but imagine I could if I let my bladder get too full.

    I'm really depressed. I'm terrified of a dx of IC. Many of you seem more miserable than me and are so hopeful...I don't know how. All I can think about is missing vacations, soccer games, etc bc of pain/urgency. Thank you for reading through all of this if you have...I just don't know what to do
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    You are doing the right thing right now by making an appt to see the DR. I can't say if you have IC or not but if by chance you do, you will do like all of us and work to make your life better. Many, many people with IC are living perfectly normal lives. We tend to have to remind people that what you see here are the bad cases, or the one's that haven't found their personal treatment plan that puts them on the path to better days. All those people that are doing so well are out there living their lives like you will most likely be able to do as well.

    If you do feel that you are not dealing with things as well as you should please do not hesitate to call for emergency help. Depression is not anything to play around with.

    Wishing you great days ahead.

    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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      If you have IC you and your uro will find a treatment plan that will help with your symtoms. however anyone with IC will have a big change in there life.


      Ic diet

      Might have to work less hours

      Might not be able to work at all

      May not be able to participate in things before the IC

      Alot of uti and yeast infections possible

      The list goe's on every icer is different, I have heard of people going into complete remission for years, for me that has not happened yet.

      My whole life has changed completely I wish I could feel completely normal again.

      I am not trying to sound negative, but these may be the possibilitys that you will have to live with.

      I thank God that I am not in excrutiating pain anymore, but I stay in a mild flare most of the time.

      I am not 100% feeling whole, I can't take long walks or do any exercise.

      If I ride in a car to long I flare and my back hurts.

      But like I said I am not in excrutiating pain anymore And I do thank God for the good things in my life.


      I can go to church

      I can see

      I can write on this forum

      I have people who care

      The list goe's on and on.

      Its just that most people with IC do have one or more life altering changes, that they have to do the rest of there life.

      Pray for a cure soon.
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        I hope you get answers soon. If you are dx'd with IC it won't be the end of the world. Like others mentioned you then go on to find out what makes you feel better. You go on to research IC to get a better understanding of this disease. There are great people here that can give you tips on feeling better.

        To be very honest with you, a lot of times people here don't return to the boards as often as they'd like once they're in remission (there are patients here that are in remission). A lot of what you read here is some that are new or in need of help. I realized that when I feel great I'm not on the board as much as when I feel bad(I know that's bad) but that's how it is. Please don't get terrified at what you read here. Also there are some of us with mild cases and some with severe cases. Nevertheless...I think the symptoms are probably heightened when we are in the dx stage. Once you know what the problem is then you're on the road to getting better. Be encouraged!

        Best Wishes,
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        Catheter Ablation Aug 19,2010
        Migraines, PFD, Hypertension,
        Prolapsed Pelvic
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        Disease, Kidney stones, Insomnia
        Two bulging discs w/tears and osteo
        arthritis in multiple joints in the spine

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        Norvasc 2.5
        Vicoden as needed for pain
        Cymbalta 30 mg
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