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I have another Uro appt w/ tests, what should I ask?

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  • I have another Uro appt w/ tests, what should I ask?

    I have had problems for about the past 10 years. It started out small, mild pain for a few days then I would be better for a while with no symptoms.

    I thought for years that the problem was UTI's, turns out the test always came back negative. Not sure why the Dr. never mentioned that. It took a new Dr. to say something.

    I noticed a couple years ago caffinated soda was a trigger for me. Now I know that any soda can be a trigger for me.

    I am now to the point where my symptoms are bad enough for Advil every 4 hours, 2 Benedyl a day, and two to three times the OTC dose of numbing pills. The episodes last from 7-12 days where I must take OTC meds and I get about 8 a year. However, this past year I have noticed that I always have a bit of discomfort even between flareups. Again, the UTI tests come back negative.

    Will the discomfort ever go away or is it permanent?
    Is IC progressive?

    I have a contrast CT, a scope, and a sample something (check the counts or something in the bladder, taken directly form the bladder). What questions should I ask my Dr.?

    How can I get things moving? It has been 10 years and the closest to a recognized issue was a RX for heavy dose numbing pills and antibiotics to help kill the little things that cause the bladder to overreact when inflammed (basically, no infection but little aggrevants in the bladder for people with thin lining or something like that). The antibiotics did nothing, I stopped taking them.

    Any help/guidance would be appreciated!

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    The best suggestion I can think of is to take a note pad with you. Write down your questions so you won't forget to ask anything --- and write down the answers.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Thanks. I will do that.