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Did I have a Flare and is it over ?

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  • Did I have a Flare and is it over ?

    Have not seen a Urologist yet, but will in early May. For a very long time I have had what I thought was just a small bladder. I was constantly running to the bathroom with a painful bladder and very little urine with each visit. In mid March I started to have this aching feeling all the time and urethral burning. I was up at the bathroom several times a night. Nothing gave me relief form the achiness which was severe feeling. I was in a lot of pain. My regular doctor did start me on Detrol and within 10 days my symptoms cleared up. I still can't drink a lot without using the bathroom a lot. I had a lot of stress before and during the time that I felt bad. Prior to this Flare I had bad incontinence. I tend to think that I did have an IC flare and an overactive bladder and the flare just happened to end at the same time that I started the Detrol. I have had these flare ups off and on for 15 years. Does this sound like IC ? Can just taking Detrol make me feel this much better if it is IC ?

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    It's possible. If my bladder is spasming then the gelnique (oxybutynin gel) will take care of all my symptoms because the spasming is what is causing the pain and burning for me. If my bladder is just irritated but not spasming, then the antispasmodic alone doesn't quite do it.