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Not sure what I have but it hurts...

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  • Not sure what I have but it hurts...

    First let me say hello to everyone. I haven't been diagnosed yet. It started out 3 weeks ago as frequent urge to pee at night with normal output. Then I went in to the ER and they said there was no infection in my urine so they took a blood test and a pelvic exam. There was a high level of white blood cells in my blood sample but my pelvic exam was clear so they put me on bactrim. after I completed that round of antibiotics there was no relief and the urge to pee started coming during the daytime. So... I went to my GP and she said there was no infection in my urine but put me on Cipro anyway and told me to call her if there was no change. It is now day 4 of my antibiotic treatment and I am in alot of pain. It is in my lower back, and my entire bikini area and I am up peeing small amounts every 10 minutes. Sorry this is so long. I just really want to know what my next step should be. I feel like I'm going crazy.
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    My suggestion is to see a urologist. What you have may not be IC, but it's time to find out what's going on with you. While you wait for the appointment, you could put yourself on an IC diet to see if that helps --- you'll find a link to the latest food list in my signature below.

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      I agree with donna
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        thank you for replying

        I made an appt. with by Gyn and hopefully she can refer me to a Uro. I am definitely going to try the diet. *sigh* I hope I get relief soon.


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          not sure what I have but it hurts

          I agree with Donna as well . Sounds like someone needs to check under the hood and see what's what.
          Besides the diet, which is wonderful, what I find helpful at night is a heating pad on my lower pelvis. It seems to relax the bladder muscles a little. I don't take baths but I know a lot of the people here find warm baths at night helpful as well.
          Have you tried sodium bicarb(baking soda)? I use that sometimes when I'm very sore, but if you have hight bp, you shouldn't try it. I drink 1/2 tsp. in a glass of bladder safe water,(about 8 ozs).
          I hope you get to see a uro soon so you can get some answers.
          Let us know how it goes.


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            What I found helpful for pelvic soreness was to soak a wash cloth in really hot water and ring it out and then lay it over the pelvic area with a heating pad on top. The moist heat is a more penetrating warmth than the dry heat alone.


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              I got some relief ...

              TMI maybe. I took some OTC Uricalm and RX Baclofen and placed one of those sticky heat pads on the outside of my underwear like a pad. I was able to pee a couple of times like a half a cup at least and have a BM. The pain and urgency is coming back but at least for a few hours I felt normal again.