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  • An Update

    Hello again,

    It's been about a month since I posted, and during that time, I've been to see a primary care physician whom I heard good things about (still considering which urologist to see and whether I want to have a cystoscopy or not).

    She said it sounds like I do indeed have a mild form of IC, particularly since the numerous UTI tests and cultures could not find any bacteria. I thought it interesting that she said perhaps I do not need a formal diagnosis at this time if I am feeling better. That's what I have been thinking as well, but we will see how things go.

    I AM feeling better. I've had about a month of good sleep-yay. I am exercising again (walking, yoga) but still taking things a bit easy. My freq. is down to 12-14 in a 24 hour period (2x a night, which I can live with).

    I've been taking Cystoprotek for a month, and last week I started Desert Harvest Aloe, both seem to be helping me, particularly with urethral burning. The Better Bladder Book has a wealth of information, and it's been a big help to me.

    I'm also following the diet to an extent. I've been experimenting some with it--chocolate is definitely out! I've been too scared to try coffee again (I suspect caffeine is a big trigger with my discomfort). I've been careful with fruits and tomato products.

    Next week, I am getting tested for dairy/gluten sensitivities, and sometime this summer, I plan to try acupuncture.

    I've run across rooibos herbal tea (recommended in the Better Bladder Book) and it's delicious, almost like black tea.

    I just wanted to give an update on what's happening and to say "thanks" again for your responses. This site is such a help.

    March 2011-Symptoms began
    May 2011-Tentative diagnosis by OB/GYN
    October 2011-Confirmed diagnosis -- IC/PFD

    Current treatments:
    Elmiron- 300 mg (Began 12/11)
    Hydroxyzine- 50-75 mg (Began 7/11)
    Tizabidine- 2mg 3xTID, if needed (Began 12/11)
    IC Diet-Began 5/11
    Pelvic Floor Therapy-Began 12/11

    Current Supplements:
    Fish Oil

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    an update

    How excellent! It's always nice to hear the success stories here.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Stay well,


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      I hope your feeling better will last you a life time, I am glad things are working for you.
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