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12 years undiagnosed bladder condition

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  • 12 years undiagnosed bladder condition

    Hey folks,

    I want to get right to the point: Do my symptoms match IC?

    Since 12 years I have the same symptoms, which are:

    1. Very low pressure threshold.

    I can feel that I have 10 ml in the bladder, or even lower. This leads do a constant feeling to urinate, but I know there is hardly anything in it.

    2. High Frequency

    I need to go on between 14-18 times a day, sometimes more. Sleep is usually fine, although in the last weeks I need to get up one time a night, or two times(it is on and off) Sometimes not, it depends how much I drink, but given the low capacity to hold anyway it does not take much.

    What I do NOT have:

    I don't have pain in the bladder when it fills up, nor do I have pain when it empties. Very rare is it that I have wired pain, I can remember that there were sudden onsets of high pain but it vanished again. Maybe every 6 months, or every 8 months, or even a year. Unfortunately to well I can't recall since it is so a rare occasion and I forget about it.

    My history (you can skip if you want, and just scroll down):

    I have seen 6+ urologist. So fare my condition is undiagnosed.


    Uro - dynamic (pelvic muscles seem to be working normal, no tightening, but very weak stream)
    x-ray (standard one when you go to an urologist)
    Test for obstruction in the urinary tract
    x-ray combined with a thick liquid in my bladder (I think it was to check urinary tract, and if something looks suspicious)

    Medication so far:

    I probably tried the most common ones the doctors gave me, but every treatment, also the homeopathic and other as proven so far ineffective. Even if it becomes better slightly, as soon as I am off the medicine I regresses into the usual state.

    A treatment just 2 months ago for overactive bladder (ditropen or so) completely backfired, two more days and I thought my bladder would just shut down, I would not be capable of holding the urine in my bladder.

    One doctor told me my prostate seemed a little bigger, but it should be an issue. That was 6 years ago.

    The diagnosis of an expert in Innsbruck (Austria) told me the following after he completed the same test as the 5 urologist before him:"You have a 90 year old bladder in a 24 year old body and will need maybe surgery when I am 40."

    There was a 2 month period about 3 years ago were the bladder got significantly worse. I was at a Retreat Center I we were eating no meat, mostly vegetable stuff and other things I can't remember. There I needed to go 2-4 times a night, the pressure in the bladder was so intense, but when I went only little amounts came out. I thought the bladder was completely full, only to realize the it was 1/4 or 1/2 full. I don't know if it was something in the food, unfortunately real diagnosis is something I rarely encounter.

    I have been here in New Zealand to an Urologist hoping I could do more, but it was a 5 Minute appointment, and he told me most likely the cause will never be found and prescribed me something.

    So basically he is flying blind, just like so many before him.

    In addition, two month ago I was severely sick, supposedly I had Candida Fungus, blood flukes and some parasites. This is unconfirmed though, I can't back it up by medical evidence. I have taken medicine against it and some herbal remedies against IC and some herbal stuff for bladder health, but unfortunately it did not work.

    A practitioner who do muscle-testing procedures (use the body-mucsle responses of weak/strong to do a diagnosis) say I still have some candida left (which I will get rid of in the next two weeks) and I DO NOT have IC.

    In the last two months I was looking and trying to see what it could be. I found out so far that it seems to be that the 6 urologist have failed miserably. There is much more tests that can be done that no one has done yet.

    In addition I am not ruling out that it could be MULTIPLE condition overlapping

    Now comes the BIG Question:

    DO MY physical SYMPTONS match IC?

    I am flying blind for 12 years, and the doctors were more frustrating than helpful.

    ok, thanks guys for your patients.


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    Your symptoms might point to IC, but not necessarily so. The fact that your symptoms increased when you were on a retreat could indicate a diet connection. Have you tried going on an IC diet? There's a link to the latest food list in my signature below. Some people find the diet helps more than any other single thing. I suggest you give it a try.

    Warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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