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IC or not - any ideas?

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    Well just back from my apt with the urology nurse having donw the flow test the results of which were normal. She also checked that my bladder was empty after the test and it was which is good news. We had a good chat and she looked at my input/output records I'd been asked to keep over the last few days and she told me that I need to make sure I'm going to the toilet regularly to make sure the bladder doesn't get too full, 500 ml according to her is the maximum you should have in your bladder so I thought that was interesting.

    We also chatted about IC and she said you can have it even though your cystoscopy didn't show any bleeding/ulcers etc and suggested I try the diet which she will forward to me, so will give that a go.

    I just feel because I've so much going on at the minute with gynae/bladder problems it's hard to work out what's going on but at least the results today were encouraging.

    Thanks for all your replies ladies, it's great to know I'm not on my own as I often feel very frustrated and family/friends find it hard to really understand.


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      You can find a printable diet list at the link in my signature below.

      Warm hugs,
      Stay safe

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        Good to hear your results were good.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          Thanks MG! I've been reading loads tonight about PFD and wonder if that is what I have as my bladder problems all started after a uti. I always feel worse a few mins after urination so maybe it's linked to that. Even though she said my flow test was normal today I do feel like the rate isn't anywhere near as fast or strong as it used to be. I asked the urology nurse today about PFD but she'd only heard of weak pelvic floor muscles after child birth etc which is definitely not my problem. I've never heard of any physical therapists who treat tense pelvic floor muscles here in the UK, in fact I think it's unheard of. I think I might try the warm baths twice a day for a while, does anyone know of any exercises which relax the muscles as everything I've read is linked to kegels and strengthening your muscles?


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            Kegals are a no no for sure, they can make you worse.

            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.