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Not in a Flare, will IC still be detected w. Cysto

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  • Not in a Flare, will IC still be detected w. Cysto

    I was supposed to have a cystoscopy 3 yrs ago when I found out I was pregnant. I recently thought I was in a flare so I set up an appointment 3 weeks later because my urologist was on vacation. So, it's been like a month and a half and I am no longer flaring (if I ever was). I'm beginning to think it may have been referred pain as I just had a D & C and had a polyp removed from my uterus. I have noticed that I don't really feel inflamed and my urinary tract doesn't hurt like it normally does. SO MY QUESTION IS If I'm not currently in a flare and haven't been for months, will there still be signs of IC in my bladder if I have a cystosopy which is sceduled for Fri. I'm thinking I should wait until I am actually inflamed and in pain. Otherwise I fear the doctor might not see anything wrong and I will again go undiagnosed. And if he says I don't have IC, I don't know that I will believe him unless he looks at my bladder while I'm in a flare. So, what should I do? Go ahead with it or wait until it flares again?

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    An office cystoscopy will not usually diagnose IC. My bladder appeared to be healthy and normal when I had my cysto back when I was being diagnosed. It was not until it was stretched under anesthesia that the IC was apparent.

    If you don't usually feel any discomfort, it could be you had some discomfort from the procedure you had done --- however, if you have frequency and usually have some pain, you will probably want to go ahead with testing.

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