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  • Could be IC?

    I have had pelvic pain, pressure, bladder spasms and urgency for the last number of years, since having had my bladder perforated after my uterus burst, and after giving birth to my daughter. It's been 13 years and I have had surgery for scar tissue, as well as recurring scar tissue. Now, I have the urgency, mainly at night, tenderness and swelling in the bladder/pelvic area.

    I am thinking about visiting a urologist to see if it could be IC. My mother has it, but hers was from repeated UTI's. I haven't had a "true" UTI for years. So, not sure if it's IC or caused from adhesions that have formed yet again. Do any of you know if the disease is genetic?

    Anyone have experience with both?

    P.S. I have an appt. Friday with a urologist who specializes in IC, so we'll see...hoping it's just scar tissue...that I can handle. After hearing from my mom how horrible IC is, that is something I dread, after alreadey dealing with Fibro, balance problems, chostochondritis and more...
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    I haven't read anything that links IC to anything hereditary, but my mother had bladder problems and so does my sister although not as bad as I did. I'm thinking that we may inherit some kind of predisposition due to a similarity in body chemistry etc. But that's my opinion and not necessarily that of the researchers lol.


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      I've read things about IC being 'in the family'. My mom has frequency problems. We used to tease her about it: 'where's mom?' 'well, guess'. Now I know how horrible living for the next bathroombreak is, I'll never ever tease her again. But hey, she hasn't got IC.

      Good luck, and don't panic yet!
      Not diagnosed yet

      More than a decade of 'bladder issues'
      Main symptoms: burning pain in urethra, urgency, frequency
      Triggers: Alcohol, carbonated drinks, tight jeans, synthetic underwear, stress, dehydration
      Tests: zillion negative cultures, a cysto-hydro with biopsy, two urodynamics, several cysto's and ultrasounds, a sphincter electromyogram
      Starting physical therapy soon

      Getting married 7/7/2012


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        If you've had adhesions before, that could be the problem. However, not all IC patients have had infections. If you do have IC, it's important to remember that most of us do find effective treatments. I know that once I found which foods and drinks are a problem for me and which treatment options work best, I began to feel better and I live a normal life.

        Warm healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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