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Does this mean I DON'T have ic?

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  • Does this mean I DON'T have ic?

    Hi everyone,
    I haven't yet been diagnosed but I have had urodynamic testing and had a camera inserted. When the lady put the camera in she said 'nice pink healthy bladder' but I haven't seen my consultant yet so I don't know if that's a definite clear bladder.
    When I had urodynamics done I managed 300ml but had to stop because I was in so much pain I couldn't move. Again I'm waiting consultation for those results.

    About 2 weeks ago my symptoms started getting worse: more abdominal pain, frequency, sharp shooting pains, burning and stinging when peeing etc.
    I thought I had a uti so I had a phone consultation with a doctor and a sample was sent off and antibiotics prescribed.
    They made me feel better for 2 days and then I started feeling worse.
    I phoned up for the results of my urine test which came back clear so I made an emergency appointment with the only doctor available and brought along another sample.
    She did a dipstick test and when I mentioned my regular doctor thinks I have ic, she told me I don"t because I have no blood in my urine and I was lacking a protein they expect to see in ic patients.
    She thought I was making it all up and basically told me to take cystitis sachets to make the urine less acidic and gave me some aqueous (sp?) cream as the thinks its urethral irritation.

    I would like to know if I could still have ic without the blood and protein in my urine and clear camera test?

    Thanks for any help

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    It's not unusual for an IC bladder to look normal and healthy when a cystoscopy is done in the doctor's office. Mine did --- but when my bladder was distended with anesthesia the IC was very visible. Yes, you can have IC with no blood in your urine and a clear camera test.

    I suggest you give the IC diet a try to see if it helps.

    Warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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