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Reoccurring UTI or IC?

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  • ICNDonna
    If you've only had symptoms for a month and are consistently testing positive for infection, there's a definite possibility that your problem is not interstitial cystitis. If there's a diagnosed infection, it's my opinion that antibiotics are the safest route to take; other remedies can take weeks or months to have any effect.


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  • nowness
    started a topic Reoccurring UTI or IC?

    Reoccurring UTI or IC?

    I am 20 year old female, and just over a month ago I had held my pee on a long car ride, and the next day I started to get UTI symptoms (as soon as I drank something I NEEDED to go to the washroom) which developed into constant urge to go, and frequently, while the burning and pain weren't really a problem. For 2 days I also had flu like symptoms as well.

    This was not normal for me at all, as I had always been able to hold a lot of fluids and always claimed I must have a huge bladder.

    Went to the doctor because when the vomiting subsided my UTI symptoms where still strongly apparent. Was prescribed Macrobid for 7 days, without a sample being taken. While on it, the symptoms BASICALLY disappeared but not completely. Second to last day on it all the symptoms came raging back. (Which I thought was strange?)

    Went back to the doctor and got a culture done. Was positive for a Strep B bladder infection and was put on a Cephalexin antibiotic for 7 days but to no avail. Once again my symptoms subsided while I was on it, and then when the antibiotics where finished they came back.

    Went BACK to the doctor and did another culture. Was put on Cipro 500mg 2x a day for 7 days which made my symptoms a nightmare. Was going every 5 - 10 minutes and was mostly clear as I was drinking so much water. Also started getting pain and pressure that was horrible. Started a cranberry supplement which helped a little bit. Finished Cipro this past Tuesday and had a doctor's appointment the next day, withthe culture results being negative. I was shocked. The doctor said if my symptoms still occur then they will refer me to a urologist. Today has been horrible so far so I called to see if they could just book an appointment now. They want one more sample to rule out another UTI, but I hadn't even thought about IC until reading the website and this forum.

    I know you aren't doctors but I just felt like ranting and hearing other stories. This is a great community which I have been lurking for a while.

    For those who ask - I have tried numerous natural remedies (including Herbal Master bladder and yeast infections) as I dislike taking antibiotics, but those won't even touch the symptoms.