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Could I have IC?

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  • ICNDonna
    You might have IC, but it could also be something else. You really need to work with your physician to diagnose your problem.

    You might want to give the IC diet a try to see if it helps while you wait for a diagnosis.

    Warm hugs,

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  • earthlady
    I've had the same experience with the pain being extremely bad and then no pain at all for weeks. It's so confusing and drs. have never given me a really good explanation for why it would come and go like that. I'm don't think they know why. My symptoms have pretty much diminished now but in the beginning it would drive me crazy and the only explanation I ever got was "That can happen with IC/PBS" What kind of explanation is that? When I stuck to the diet for an extended period of time the ups and downs of the pain cycle seemed to subside a lot. It's worth it to be checked for other things too as I was found to also have pelvic floor hypertonicity with spasms along with the IC.

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  • katiem
    started a topic Could I have IC?

    Could I have IC?


    I've had my urine tested, and been told it's not a UTI.

    Basically what happens to me is I get the symptoms of
    -burning pain when urinating
    -feeling like i have to go all the time and being in burning pain (all through the day, except sometimes when i'm lying down), but not much coming out when i do go to the toilet
    -occassionally, I also have a loss of bladder control. usually it's a couple of drops only, but once I lost control completely and wet myself completely. this was at high school. it was the most humiliating day of my life.

    When I experience these symptoms, they last for a while, be it days or a week, where the pain is so bad that my eyes fill with tears involuntarily. Then for either weeks or months I feel no pain at all.

    Does IC do that, or is something else wrong with me?