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Any help to ease the pain?

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  • Any help to ease the pain?

    Hello, I've posted on the forums once or twice before but I'll sumarrise my symptoms, since around this time last year I got my first urine infection, it cleared up thanks to antibiotics, then kept coming back a ton of times, antibiotics always cleared it up until they stopped working.
    I had a cysto done under anthasiea, and according to one of the nurses in the hospital (I've not seen my uro for a while) in the notes he left I have inflamation in a part of my bladder but he says it's not IC.
    I don't really understand the difference, could anyone tell me?
    I think inflamation still there (despite and infection not being present) could be due to getting infections so much, maybe my bladder just hasn't healed properly??
    My symptoms are burning with urination and urgency (it's at it's worst after using the toilet). I have no frequency and no pain in my bladder.
    So apparantly my symptoms are caused my inflamation in my bladder which has not gone away, despite not having an infection for around four months.
    Does anybody have any tips for helping soothe the bladder? As in diet/home remidies etc
    Also the burning pain/urgency feels mainly urethral, especially during urination, is there any medication available that numbs the pain there?
    Thank you, Rachel.
    Current Treatments - I've just started all of these, hoping for some relief soon
    Cystoprotek (2x2 daily)
    Marshmallow Root (2x3 daily)
    Amitriptyline 25mg (once daily)
    Atarax 25mg (only daily)
    IC diet (only eating from bladder friendly column till I get some relief)

    Painful urination
    Bladder pain

    This is my boyfriend and I, he is my rock through all of this!

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    You'll find the latest food list for the IC diet at the link in my signature below. Diet can be a huge help with irritation.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      You could try Azo which is the same thing as the prescription pyridium. It seems to work for quite a few people and is OTC. Also check out the IC diet here for the food and liquids to avoid that are bladder irritants. An IC bladder can be inflamed so not sure what criteria your dr. is using to diagnose. Some drs. still feel that if there are no ulcers or bleeding then it is not IC while the current AUA guidelines say diagnoses can be made on symptoms alone of 6 weeks or longer as IC. I found chamomile tea to be really helpful for soothing the bladder along with warm baths.


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        I find a heating pad very sotthing you really need to address the diet and stick to it, it works really well but takes a few months and is a bit hard to get the hang of it.

        My heaating pad is my best freind.

        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.