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    Hello kind folks on this forum.
    I'm 39 years old and have endometriosis. I understand there are many IC people with endo am I right?
    I have not been diagnosed with IC but I strongly suspect that I have it.
    For a couple years now bladder pressure has been waking me up at night at least once and lately it's been twice a night. Not sure if IC is making my periods worse cuz they are pretty terrible already.
    I had a "bladder infection" a couple months ago with symptoms that came and went and showed neg on a urine test. My doc gave me a long course of antibiotics anyway. Now the symptoms are back. Pressure/burning on and off. Getting up to pee a couple times a night. Bladder pressure. But also not like UTIs I've had in years past where the buring is constant and terrible, this one is low grade and seems better as the day goes on.
    I learned from this forum that cranberry is a no no. I was taking the capsules in high volume trying to cure myself. So I hope that stopping that alone will make a difference.
    From the sounds of it there is no real test to diagnos IC, so I am not rushing off to the doctor. I'm trying to decrease all my favorite foods that are high acidity (which is most of what I eat).
    Does it sound like I have IC to you too? Will it get gradually worse?

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    My suggestion is to see a urologist. IC may be partially a disease of exclusion, but ruling out other possible causes for your problem could be extremely important.

    Yes, your problem MIGHT be IC, but not necessarily so.

    Sending welcoming hugs,
    Stay safe

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