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Help need Gyno in Oklahoma City

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  • Help need Gyno in Oklahoma City

    Good afternoon, Can anyone tell me of a good gynecologist in Oklahoma CIty? I went to one in Shawnee and what a joke that was. I really thought I was crazy but after reading some of the posts from you ladies I see I am not. For years when my bladder problems first started I thought it had sometihing to do with hormones. Everyone just blew me off (doctors included) like I was crazy. Now later in life I am, I guess what you would call premenopausal and the bladder ahs problems have come back much worse. I'm pretty sure now that it is hormones. Thank you all for listening and please someone tell me of a gyno in or near OK CIty.

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    Gyno in Oklahoma City

    You might try the urogyno at the OU Medical Center or even just the gyno there. I don't go there but I do go to the urologist there. My gyno is Dr. Thomas Bryant at the Renessice (sp) Women Center in Midwest City.


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      How is the urologist there? I have one I go to and he is ok. He is one that doesnt really have time. You can tell he is really not listening to you. Is the Gyno you go to good as well?


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        I thnk the uro I go to is Dr. Daniel Culkin the head of the urology department. I think he's great. The other uro I went to didn't seem to be really comfortable with women's problems. Seemed like he had more men as patients. He didn't do the Interstim and that's what I needed so I swithed to Dr. Culkin. Dr Bryant is quite good too. He's the second one I went and I like him a whole lot better than the first one. He a little older and really listen to what I have to say and how I feel.