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  • Questions about possible IC

    Hi all, I am a suspected IC sufferer but have not had much diagnostic testing done at this point. I have been doing a lot of research and some of my symptoms seem to fit IC while others do not. I only have some pelvic pain with skin irritation, but no urgency or frequency. I have some days where I feel great and others where I am in pain but can still function as I need to.

    UTI has been ruled out and I just had a normal pelvic exam before this flared up. I have read about the diet...which of course eliminates everything I love to eat! I have been watching my food intake but haven't noticed any specific triggers. It seems so random. Also, my symptoms are worse in the morning and get better as the day goes on, which seems contrary to most of what I've read. My biggest question is how long after eating a 'bad' food will symptoms appear?
    Just looking for any thoughts you might have for these symptoms. This is such a great resource! Thanks!

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    I can't guess what's going on with you. Yes, it "might" be IC, but there are other things that also fit your symptoms. It's not unusual to feel worse in the morning if you sleep all night and the bladder gets too full.

    The time after ingesting a trigger food or drink can vary with individuals. For me, if it's a drink it only takes an hour or two, but a food can take a full day to react.

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      Just a suggestion with the diet...I didn't notice any relief until I was on it strictly for 2 weeks. I was trying to cheat and hope that if I had an offending food my symptoms would get worse right away (same day) and I would know. It didn't work that way. It wasn't until I was ONLY eating all foods from the good list for 2 weeks that my symptoms seemed to improve. I think it's more of a cumulative thing.

      I think it would be worth a try for a couple of weeks. I know it sucks not having yummy foods but if it helps it would be worth it no?

      Best of luck!


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        for me it took 2 days, hope you find relief soon.
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