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How long do sex-induced flares last?

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  • How long do sex-induced flares last?

    I'm semi-self-diagnosed at this point, because both urologists I've seen have ruled it out in favor of OAB (though I never had a cystoscopy). In August I did a week of Cipro and Vesicare, and since then, my bladder's been more or less back to normal (a little more frequency with coffee, but that's always been true). I had sex with a friend two days ago and last night the frequency/urgency came out of nowhere, which led to an anxious night. It's not nearly as bad as it's been in the past, knock wood, but it's making me crazy. The thing is, I had sex with the same guy earlier this month with absolutely no problems. I took a home UTI test yesterday and it was leukocyte-positive but nitrite-negative. I did have coffee yesterday, but the frequency didn't hit until hours and hours later, when usually post-coffee it's within two. Is this a flare? Do sexual activity-induced flares last longer than others, or can I hope (pray) for relief relatively soon?

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    Have you been checked to see if you have an infection? (I mean since this flare started). It does sound like a possibility.

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      Thanks for weighing in. The more I think about it, the more I'm pretty sure it's not a flare. Of course, it happened the day I had to go to my parents' house, so it won't be as easy to get to a doctor, alas. Isn't that the way it always works?