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I think I have IC

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  • I think I have IC

    Hi, I think I've had IC for awhile now but just never knew it. I used to eat any and everything and then the next day I would have to pee so much. Sometimes it would be so bad it would be every ten minutes. I thought the foods I was eating maybe had too much sugars and that's why I was peeing so much until I started researching and now I think I have IC. I have started a new diet and since the new IC diet I haven't had the bad days where I have to pee every ten minutes. It's down to every two to three hours. But now since I'm on my period I don't know if it's because I retain water but I feel I have to pee every hour but barely any pee comes out. I figure barely any pee should be coming out because I haven't drank much and because I just peed about an hour ago. It's just doesn't seem like my bladder likes to hold pee, it wants me to empty it as soon as any gets in even if it's a little trickle. I anxious to see if this goes away after my period and I can at least hold it every 2 hours.
    I also used to love traveling but I hate having to stop to pee or find a place to stop.

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    you need to see a uro asap
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      It does sound like IC is a possibility. Lots of ICers report changes in symptoms related to the hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle.

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