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I think I have IC? Please Help

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  • I think I have IC? Please Help

    Hello my name is Luke and I am 18 years old. I think I have a mild case of ic but was misdiagnosed by my urologist. I am on vesicare on that doctors perscription. It seems to help slightly but I'm not sure I should be taking it because I don't think I have an overactive bladder. Since my sophomore year in high school i noticed that I did urinate a lot more then the average kid, and I would also wake up at least once a night to use the restroom. I attributed this to the fact that I drank a lot of water and did not think much of it. Jr. year the nighttime bathroom trips became more frequent usually being about 2 times a night. Senior year the night time bathroom trips stayed about the same but I began peeing much more during the day time, usually goin in between each of my 8 class periods and once before my after school sports practice. After graduation is when I think I had my first "flare" I would use the bathroom and no matter how many times I went I ALWAYS felt like i still had to pee. It was unbearable. I ended up going to the ER for this. I was catherized because they said it would relieve me. I still felt like I had to urinate even after the catherization. I was perscribed anxiety pills and an antibiotic from the er doc because she thought it could have been some sort of UTI or std. Test results for both of those came back negative there and at a follow up urologist appointent. At the urologist apoitment I had my kidney's x- rayed and a penis examination as well as a urine culture. Those apparently looked fine. I had a cystoscopy done and nothing was found with that either. Doing research then I assumed I would be diagnosed with ic. At my follow up appoitment the doctor said he was not sure what it was but that he would perscibe me vesicare. It worked on some levels as it strenghtened my stream some what, and made the feeling that I constantly had to urinate weaker ( didn't go away, seems like there is always something left in my uretha). I made it through a couple months with just the weaker "need to go" sensation before I think had another flare. My stream weakened again and I felt no matter how much I went that I still had to go after. In conjuction with this I seem to have more bladder spasms then when not in a "flare"

    I had been sick and I think me being sick or a medicine I took may have caused the flare up. I am sexually active with my gf of 2 years (so much easier to get through this with someone by your side) but I'm not sure that is what caused the flare up because it hadn't really done much to my symptoms for a couple of monthes. I also have noticed very odd bowl movements in conjuction with these symptoms from the onset which I know can be IBS from IC. I'm off at college right now but will get back to se my doctor at some point I believe, I really think I have a mild case of IC ( uretha pressure, frequency, urgency, NO pain though). If someone could offer their opinions on my case it would be much appreciated.Also took acutane as a teen and have read that it could cause IC? Have friends who have been on it though with no symptoms like mine

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