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Anyone have experience with bladder spasms?

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  • Anyone have experience with bladder spasms?

    My symptoms started 6 months ago. My most troubling symptom currently is a painful bladder spasm at the end of my urine stream. It was mild at first, but has intensified to the point that it is 100 percent guaranteed to happen if I don’t take Levsin every 4 to 6 hours. This is exhausting. I can’t handle the side effects of longer acting antispasmodics. I just don’t understand what could be causing my bladder to become, and remain, so irritated. I mostly abide by the IC diet, but definitely avoid things like coffee, alcohol, and spicy food. Perhaps a high level of anxiety/stress? Another particularly bothersome symptom is a sharp pain in my urethra/lower bladder. This comes and goes, but is more often there than not to some degree. I’ve been dealing with more urgency as well lately, but I haven’t experienced frequency strangely enough. I usually only get up once at night to urinate. I had a quick scope done 3 or 4 months ago, was normal, but can’t help fearing I’m developing an ulcer or something due to the sharp pain I’ve described and my gradually worsening symptoms ☹️ Any insight would be so appreciated! I’m a 30 year old female and having a really tough time dealing with this honestly.
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    Bladder spasms are a primary symptom of interstitial cystitis --- and it's awful when it happens. I noticed that you said you "mostly" follow the IC diet. What I suggest for you is that you keep a diary for a few weeks, writing down everything that goes in your mouth, activities, urinary frequency --- that way you can personalize your diet --- some of those mostlies, along with your stress level, could be what's bringing on your spasms. I also can depend on Levsin to help when I have a flare; it's good that it's working for you. I'm also glad that your frequency isn't horrible at night.

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      Hi Eventer64 I feel your pain and share your frustration. This disease can overwhelming and very scary when you are first diagnosed.Over the last few days I've been having a pulsating, throbbing sensation as my bladder fills up and before I get my pants/and or panties pulled down I have already begun to dribble. That's usually followed by a stinging sensation at the opening of my urethra with a tightening feeling that keeps me from getting a good stream going. sometimes this is followed by burning that goes up to my belly button. All this makes it difficult to fully empty my poor little IC damaged bladder and htat has increased my frequency by 200%. I guess this could be called bladder spasms IDK I tested negative for UTI this morning with a home test kit. This soooooo frustrating. I am peeing 3 to 4 times an hour. Oh, how I hate this disease.

      Eventer64, I hope you get some relief ASAP
      Hang In There
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        Hi Eventer64 , yes, I experienced bladder spasms post-upper-abdominal surgery a couple of years ago. The surgery was not near my bladder at all, so it really took me by surprise. It took quite awhile, meaning several months to a year, for my bladder to calm down. I even went to the ER once because it was SO painful, I thought I was having urine retention again (an acute issue I experienced post-surgery that also sent me to the ER). But instead, the doctors said I was having bladder spasms (which sounds pretty benign but it HURTS!!).

        Prior to the surgery, I had already been diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome/IC. What helped me? I think it was a combination of things: pelvic floor physical therapy (I had hypertonic pelvic floor muscles, probably from "guarding" against pain), several rounds of electro-acupuncture with Dr. Bressler at Loyola Medicine in Maywood, IL, and 15-30 minutes of gentle restorative yoga/physical therapy homework every day at home. I made IC dietary changes. When I started feeling very depressed, I began seeing a psychologist and she really helped me navigate the physical pain and learn how to better advocate for myself in medical settings. That kind of support was so essential for me.

        I can't stress enough that everyone is different but I think a combination of therapeutic modalities working together can help ease symptoms over time. For me, it took a lot of appointments, multiple doctors and offices, time and expense, and trying various things - some of which didn't work or made my symptoms worse, so I know how very frustrating and difficult this can be. Today I am doing so much better and have learned so much about my physical and mental health. I hope this gives you some hope and you find some relief soon! Sending love and strength.
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