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Retention and intermittent self-catheterization

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  • Retention and intermittent self-catheterization

    Hi all

    I’m male and awaiting a clear diagnosis but I believe I have IC/PBS as I suffer from many linked symptoms. One concerning development is the fact that I’m really having difficulties at the moment voiding naturally at all. I’m having to rely more and more on self-catheterisation and I’m becoming more and more concerned that I’ll lose the ability to void naturally completely. This is how it feels at the moment like my body has forgotten how to pee.

    Can I ask if this is a common symptom/ situation for IC/PBS or does it point to a different diagnosis? My own thoughts are that I cannot get to a full bladder because the pain is too bad and my body doesn’t feel the need to urinate naturally because it isn’t full enough and so it’s a catch 22. Having said that, I have passed volumes of 600ml and apart from pain, I have no sensation of wanting to go - it feels like my bladder has given up. Is this common?