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Could this be IC?

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  • Could this be IC?

    Hi 👋🏻 Sorry if this is long! I’m not officially diagnosed but IC is a real possibility and I am looking to hear from others who have similar symptoms.

    My symptoms are:
    - Pain in my urethra as my bladder fills, a burning feeling as though my urine is really acidic.
    - A burning sensation when I feel the ’urge’ to go to the toilet, sort of as the urine enters the top portion of the urethra is the best way I can describe it 🤷🏼‍♀️, and this subsides as the urge passes.
    - A burning sensation as the flow of urine starts. Sometimes (I’m assuming depending on what I’ve eaten/drank) the burning sensation continues during urination and for a bit afterwards. I have never tracked the link between food/drink and this symptom being worse but it seems likely that this would explain why it’s worse some days than other days. I do have a lot of the ‘avoid’ foods on a daily basis.
    - Pain during sex/using a tampon/smear tests
    - A feeling of needing to go to the toilet right after I’ve been, even though I know I don’t actually need to. I don’t go when I know i don’t have a full bladder otherwise it’s really painful and the burning sensation is worse.
    - I find that by drinking plenty water and having a full bladder helps the flow of urine come quicker and can reduce the pain. I also find sitting forward on the toilet with my chest touching my knees helps reduce the burning feeling that occurs when the flow starts 🤷🏼‍♀️

    A bit of background history:
    I suffered from recurrent UTIs between the ages of 9-13 and stupidly never sought treatment for them right away. I would always leave it a week or so before going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, in the hope that it would just go away, so I’m wondering if I did some sort of permanent damage in this time as I’ve read IC can come about after a UTI.

    These current symptoms started when I was about 14, this is when I went back to the doctors with UTI symptoms and tests were repeatedly negative.

    I had a couple of referrals to urology throughout my teenage years and had ultrasounds and a cystoscopy, all of which came back clear and I was told there was nothing wrong and they didn’t know why I was getting pain.

    I’ve basically been putting up with these symptoms for 15 years. I’ve come across IC in my research and I’m going to try the elimination diet to see if my symptoms ease.

    Just wondering whether you lovely ladies think my symptoms sound as though they might be IC.

    Thanks for reading 😊