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burning in the urethra

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  • burning in the urethra

    I have been suffering with burning in the for over 20yrs---they dont have a clue what the problem is. I burn all the time--it seems to be in the urethra --I cant seem to hold a lot of pee--the burning is intermittent--I seem to have days when I have no burning and then it starts burning--they have sced me for a cysto with hydration--I hear thats painfull for weeks after and I am thinking of cancelling. I am scared to death--there supposed to be putting me in lalaland and I "hear" the after effect of this is horrible...anyone suffer with burning and what is it and how about that cysto with hydro? bad huh???? thanks Cathy

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    Hi Cathy, My worst symptom was burning that was intermittent. When I was diagnosed with IC & first came to this site I learned that diet plays a big part for most of us. When I would get the burning it would be because I ate or drank something that bothered the bladder. When I started the IC diet (there's a copy in our Patient's Handbook, under diet, make a copy) The burning has gone away but if I eat a no no I get the burn again. Some have a hard time with the hydro/cysto, but I didn't have any after effects. Don't cancel it, knowing what you have will make it easier to treat. Don't be afraid, we all had it done. grouphug Kathi
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      Dear Kathi--where exactly would I find this diet?? Thanks you so much for letting me know--Im not alone--Blessings Cathy


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        You'll find diet information in the Patient Handbook at

        I agree that diet is so very important in treating IC.

        Sending warm healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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