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Does anyone take Urocit-K?

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  • Does anyone take Urocit-K?

    I didn't know where to post this because it's an oral med but not one of the listed categories. The post about the Tamer reminded me of this. I was prescribed it a long time ago by a specialist in IC, but I never really took it because the warnings on the insert scared me. It's supposed to work by raising the ph of your urine (which is different from the other products which only work on the food you eat). I'm getting desperate again and wondering if this is worth a try.

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    I take it. My urologist prescribed it for me along with the Elmiron. I was having a lot of problems with burning (which was causing vulvodynia flare-ups on top of the IC) and it has helped a lot.

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      I was just put on urocit-k--2 tablespoons 3 x's a day--my ph level is very high in acidy--even after using prelief for a month now--8 pills a day--I am worried cause the test strips after three days--still shows 5.0 ph level--does anyone have any suggestions??? Please help --thanks Cathy