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Urinary retention and Flomax........

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  • Urinary retention and Flomax........

    Last week I was in a flare and my urinary retention became so bad that I stoped to take Amitriptyline( Elavyl) for a while. banghead It is sad because it helped me to sleep. Today I got from my doctor some samples of Flomax to help me pee better and empty my bladder. I didn't take my Flomax capsule yet, scared of side effects. DOES SOMEBODY TAKE FLOMAX FOR URINARY RETENTION? DOES IT HELP WITH PAIN? WHAT SIDE EFFECTS CAN I GET FROM IT? hi I will be waiting for your answers.

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    Flomax is one of the medications that helps to relax your muscles so you can urinate.

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      Tried Flomax a long time ago and had to stop it because it lowered my blood pressure. Did not realize that this was a side effect till I did some research. I would get up to go during the night and one time I literally passed out and almost hit my head on the side of the sink?? It also created a burning sensation. It did increase the volumn of unrine that came out but it did nothing for me to stop the frequency or urgency.


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        Flomax should NOT cause retention like elavil and/or ditchropan (oxybutnin hydrochloride) and detrol may.

        I have heard of flomax helping, mostly from males. I have never had a female take it.
        The true definition of Flomax is that it is an alpha~1 inhibitor. Alpha one is the neurotransmitter that causes the prostate gland to contract and relax. Flomax is supposed to help it to relax.

        Hope this helps!
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          HI Olga, yes I have taken flomax and I currently take Hytrin, I took both at one time. They are commonly prescribed to males that have prostrate trouble but work for women who have trouble relaxing the uretheral sphincter. I have urinary retention problems. the dose prescribed for women is lower than that for men and the only side effect is perhaps a slight lowering of the blood pressure in the morning, usually only for the first week or so. These drugs changed my life dramitically! I would highly recommend you try it. You take it before bedtime, I take mine around 10 in the eve. In the morning, the first few days you may notice you are a tad lightheaded in the morning. So get out of bed slowly. This will go away! I had this problem only the first two mornings and have taken the hytrin (similar to Flomax) for over 10 years. it helps me to empty my bladder and avoid infections and inflamantion from urine backing up in the bladder. Best of luck! Jody


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            To Nippersmomma! hi hi hi
            I sent you a private message. I don't know if it reached you. I am new to this message board. You answear was so helpful to me. Would you please tell me what dosage of Flomax you took? I was prescribed 0.4 mg of Flomax. What is Hytrin? What dosage you take? I and my doctor are working together. He is willing to help me. I wasn't helped with any other medicines so far.
            All my warm wishes to you, Olga


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              I was so glad to see these posts regarding Flomax. I was just given this drug today, .4 mg to be taken at night. I was nervous about taking it because my pharmacist nearly freaked upon reading the script. It's good to see that others are taking it and finding some help. Thanks for all the info.


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                I had a problem with retention due to the med for my IBS. It is the only thing I have found that controls my IBS so I have chosen to keep taking it. However, in the mean time my uro had me start doing my own bladder instills at home and I have to empty my bladder completely via catheter before doing the instill. I have found that I have had no problems with retention since I have started with the instills. I'm sure it is because I am emptying my bladder completely! It sounds scary but it can work! Good Luck!

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