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Question about the condition of an IC bladder

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    To clarify: CCs and MLs are the same measurement. CCs are usually used in the medical world whereas Mls are used to measure commercial products like shampoo and soda. (I work at a hospital for injured wildlife.)

    I haven't been diagnosed yet but I know that although I get really bad urgency and frequency, when it's not bad, my bladder can hold a LOT. I've never measured it but at Thanksgiving we were driving down to LA and couldn't find a bathroom open late at night on some highway. I finally had to pee on the beach and I swear that I was peeing for about 5 minutes nonstop. I couldn't believe how much my bladder held. (I was in an enormous amount of pain before I went but still able to hold it in.)

    Thanks, Donna, for clarifying the awake v. distention "normal" amounts.

    Pikkumyy - special ed teacher, wife, wild animal rehabber, and PFD patient since the horrible kidney infection of 2000. In remission since 9/04


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      I also am able to hold it in for long periods of time on a good day. BUT.....after I do go, I am usually in pain for the rest of the day. In my own terms, I call this retention pain. It doesn't pay for me to hold it.