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new doc scared me to death

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  • new doc scared me to death

    I went to new doc today, too, for special consult; hails from Mayo, bio looks great. He told me I have white blood cells in my urinalysis that he will culture and said it could be cancer. I said after 13 years of IC symptoms, multiple cyctos, biopsies, work-ups, etc., I didn't think so. He referenced some paper done in the 70's that said many people are misdiagnosed. Scared the wits out of me. He had the same old story-- he wants to do a hospital cysto, but I just had one in September by my regular uro, so I refused. He said in effect, no cysto, no treatment from him. Fine. Here's my question: if you have white blood cells in your urine but urinalysis is clear (that's what my family doc found in October, too), what does it mean? I know it's inflammation, but is it something that should be treated? My regular uro says no. When I asked what white blood cells were from, he didn't know.

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    I always have them in my urine, and the uro told me it's flora, natural from your vagina.

    I hope this helps, sorry about the bad experience.

    Hugs and love,
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      I can't say I know what it means but if i were you I wouldn't worry too much. Like you said, after all this time and all those tests cancer has probably already been ruled out w/o docs even needing to tell you that.
      Plus, it's been 13 years!! I'm thinking there would be some other pretty big indications of cancer by now.

      Erin grouphug
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        You might PM rnewman from the boards. Of course, consult a doctor, but she is a nurse and knows a lot about various tests and such. She might be able to shed some light.

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          Gosh... I really don't know how to answer that question, but I hope you will get the right answer soon wink
          Keep your head up and don't let anyone scare
          until you know for sure grouphug kissing
          I promise not to laugh... if you promise not to cry

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            If you will be going back to your original uro, I suggest you tell him what the second opinion uro told you. I sincerely doubt that you have cancer --- there are almost always biopsies done with hydrodistentions and if there were cancer there, it would have been diagnosed then.

            Sending a reassuring hug,
            Stay safe

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              grouphug grouphug grouphug I am so sorry that the uro scared you. I agree with Donna, please tell your regualar uro what the other one said. I sometimes have wbc in my urine and they don't know why but sometimes its an infection and I think I may have another one. I will know tommorow when I see my uro. gentle hugs to you and resaurring thoughts hon. let us know how you are doing.
              Hang in there , There is hope.
              There is hope. Prayer works.

              Love, Debbie


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                You don't know how much your replies have helped me. I was freaking out and had only my poor husband for ventilation. I'll let you know what the urinalysis shows, and I'll call my regular uro (who is totally lacking in bedside manner which is why I went to the new guy). Unfortunately, I live in a remote area and have pretty much exhausted resources. But can't give up! Not with caring people like you around to reassure me!


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                  About 6 years ago, when my IC went from very mild to very painful, my uro also told me I had white blood cells in my urine. I guess he wasn't that concerned because he had recently checked out the inside of my bladder, and also had an ultra sound done of my bladder recently. He said it was either a slight infection in my bladder, or possibly some sort of vaginal infection. To this day I still show no infection of the bladder or vaginal, but I still have white blood cells in my urine.

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                    grouphug grouphug I too would go back to my uro and tell him, I always heard white blod cell in high amounts is infection but I don't know wht it means in your bladder..
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                      grouphug grouphug grouphug
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                        YOU GO GIRL hi

                        THAT'S THE SPIRIT kissing
                        I promise not to laugh... if you promise not to cry

                        Christine .....The GERMAN GIRL ( who can't spell )


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                          I also had a scare from a doctor, not to do with cancer though. When I moved town I had a new doc tell me that the treatment by specialist (who is the Professor of urogynochology at a univeristy)ws giving me was not correct. He called this other docotor an idiot (that is the exact word he used). I was really upset and I really thought he was unprofessional in his actions so I have decided to ignore his comments. I am still flying back to my old doc for treatment and it is working. Just thought I would share this with you. It is good to get second or new opinions but always trust your own instincts.