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Numb Bum/leg ache!!

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  • Numb Bum/leg ache!!


    just wondered if anyone may have any Info on my symptoms. I am having a dull nagging ache in the left leg its more annoying than anything. it goes into the bum cheek almost a numb feeling without the numbness??? confusing eh!! I am being investigated for a bladder problem but also have kidney stones??? could this all be connected??



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    Could that be sciatica nerve? Hmm I never heard of that with IC? I hope someone could help, I'd see a doc about that. Good luck.
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      I have a mild sciatica --- the way mine shows itself is usually when I'm in bed. I get an "uncomfortable" feeling in my upper leg, but starting at about the knee, there is a nerve that goes down the outside of my leg clear to my feet that is extremely painful. The way I remedy it is to change position and sometimes put a pillow between my knees. If and when it gets to the point where it hurts when I'm up, I guess I'll have to have it fixed.

      It's related to either a damaged disc or calcium buildup inside the spinal column and is not IC related.

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        Sounds like sciatica to me too!! The sciatic nerve is one of the last nerves that comes through the pelvis and goes down each leg. When they get inflammed, they can cause back, pelvic, or leg pain, and if it is really bad, the pain will radiate down the entire leg and make it difficult to do daily activities.

        Although it is not directly IC related, it CAN cause bladder irritation by either pressing on nerves that innervate the bladder or making them inflammed simply by close proximity. It is not related to kidney stones. Although I do have IC, when my hip is in place, I have less "numb bum" and less left leg pain....haha funny, its my left leg too.....and less bladder irritation. I would perhaps get checked for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, or a back problem.

        When mine gets really bad, the muscles in my left leg get very crampy because of the poor nerve/blood supply to them. Physical therapy helps this a GREAT deal, and if Im in a pinch, I will take advil and a muscle relaxer. Im pretty bad at the moment.....sitting here with the heating pad on my left hip/back.

        Hope this helps!! You may find more information in past posts under the "Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy" title. There are a lot of ICers on here who have discussed this symptom.
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          I love reading your posts! So informitive! I have a twinge of sciatic problems, and it hurts my toes, my leg, etc. I never related it to PFD (which I have) mom has very bad sciatic nerve problems, she has a bad disc and I know that when it flares up she can't even move. What fun stuff.
          Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!