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  • Question about pain!

    For the past few weeks I have developed a new pain. It is a very localized pain like one specific spot inside my bladder is hurting. I had DMSO yesterday and that one spot burned like crazy. My uro is considering doing another cystoscopy just to see what things look like in there. Has anyone else had this? I was wondering about hunner ulcers. I did not have these at my dx a year ago and it seems like I was told that they don't develop out of no where like that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. You all know we have to take charge of our own health care and I am going to have to push to get to the bottom of this. scream

    Thanks in advance!
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    DX: IC - November 2002 after hysterectomy
    Interstim implanted March 2006 - died May 2011
    Interstim replacement June 2011
    Meds: Pain meds, muscle relaxer, cystex, and marcaine bladder instills as needed.
    Docs: Pain management doc, urologist, family practice

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    Hi Mom,
    I have pain always in my my right lower side, i describe it as pins and needles sharp burny twisty knife pain.. and its pretty intense... I too don't blame you for for getting to the bottom of things, I have had this same pain for years and learned to deal with it as an ic pain, mostly hurts when I flare...
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      I am so glad that I am not alone in the groin pain area. When I get a uti, my right side lower area hurts and it goes into spams and it shoots. I am on cipro every other day and the uro said for me to maintain the cranberry tablets cause it helped clear my urine up. Like Cindy said, learning to live with it. I hope you feel better soon.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

      Love, Debbie


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        That pain was the reason I first went to the doc & was dx with IC. I thought it was my ovary.
        I still get it. Hugs, Kathi hi
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          I get that pain, and like Kathi, I thought it was my ovary. That and frequency is what brought me in as well.
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            Maybe this will help you some, too. During my hydro they cut some tissue out in one spot to test it. After my op. I could pinpoint that pain. I could FEEL the one spot hurt after they cut it out. So, yes, you prob. have one area in you bladder with an ulcer or a very bad irritation or something. I know what you mean when you say you can tell there's one spot on the bladder (aside from it hurting all over) that hurts more that the rest of your bladder or just that the one spot is the only place it hurts. I don't know if I make sense to you, but I hope I sort of helped. Take care. I hope you find answers.

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