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lumbar nerve root compression and IC

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  • lumbar nerve root compression and IC

    One thing I was wondering and haven't been able to find out, I've read the study with the same name written and published back in 11/90 by Dr. Larrian Gillespie, R. Bray, N. Levin and R. Delamarter. I also know about the situation with Dr. G. after that. What I don't know is if there was any follow up to that study. Was her premise valid for some but not all IC patients maybe or was the theory about nerve root compression totally a dead lead? I ask because I finally got in to see the neurosurgeon who says I have a significant anular disc tear and he believes this type of disc tear is playing a big factor in my case and while I have two separate problems: IC & disc, his belief is that addressing the back may improve my inability to respond to treatments. I do believe that IC is caused by different things in different people but still not sure about my case. Any info. on this topic appreciated. I've been referred to a different neurosurgeon that specializes in this type of tear and also is one of four neuros in the country trained to implant spinal cord stimulator specificially for bladder pain as opposed to interstim for urgency/frequency. I see him next week but was trying to get any info specifically relating to IC and back before I go. I continue to have NO urethral pain at all if I drink almond milk every 4 waking hours so still thrilled about that. I can sure tell when it wears off. I also took motrin when I had my last back flare up 2 weeks ago and had a lot of trouble walking and surprisingly I got good pain relief which is rather surprising as I had previously used vioxx, toradol and naprosyn which didn't help so never tried motrin. I'm taking it at bedtime now and really sleeping better too but unclear if it's helping inflammation directly or if it's decreasing disc inflammation and that accounts for the improvement.
    Thank you for any info.

    My bellydance "sisters" , our dogs, and me.

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    That is amazing about the almond milk!!!!!

    I don't have any info, but if you go to the main page of the ICN and look for the search button, it allows you to search the site using Google. It is AWESOME! If you plug in some key words it may pull up some helpful info.

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    I've been virtually symptom free and able to eat & drink whatever I'd like for about 8 years now.


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      This is just a personal annecdote, but after a lower back adjustment by a P.T. who knows a lot about IC, my symptoms were greatly improved for one to three days. I take this to mean that my IC is largely related to my spinal alignment.

      Keep us posted on the spinal cord stimulator; it sounds very interesting.
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        I have exactly the same diagnosis--anular tear and associated disk bulge. I, too, am familiar with Dr. G's article and her situation. My uro scoffs at the idea that the back problems could be associated with my bladder pain. (I don't have back pain.) I went to Mayo in 2001; they did not think they were related either (not that that is definitive). Please let us know what you find--my interstim isn't helping; I am planning to have it taken out.


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          I should have been clearer--my interstim was NOT done by one of the 4 neurosurgeons that you mentioned--it's just a plain ole' interstim, not for pain. Sorry.


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            Yes it's really hard to sort this out. I injured my back in '90 and I got vulvodynia a year later (now in remission) followed by IC shortly thereafter. I always have back pain in varying degrees but this last year I've started having acute flareups of the disc and IC also went out of control and stayed there. One time in particular back in Sept., I suddenly couldn't walk, couldn't touch chin to chest, couldn't bend my knees, was sobbing in pain. Husband and friend had to lift me out of bed and carry me to hospital. The episodes are coming closer together now but what's really bizarre, when I had the first one, my IC went into remission during the acute back episode. When it subsided, the IC went out of control and also started having urethral/bladder spasms which I had never had even one in 9 yrs. of IC. I'm noticing this pattern has continued, when back is worst, IC is best and when back resolves, acute exacerbation of IC. I wouldn't consider back surgery if no back pain but now that I'm having so many episodes I can hardly walk, I may have to. My uro didn't really think they were connected and first neuro didn't either but 2nd uro goes "wow, I sure think so" and sent me to the neuro specializing in bladder/back so it will be interesting. I won't be rushing into anything. I'm told I may need a discogram for final word and feeling kind of wimpy about how bad that might hurt. Ever just get maxed out on painful procedures? That's kind of where I am.

            My bellydance "sisters" , our dogs, and me.


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              grouphug grouphug grouphug I will be praying for you. I have never heard of it before. I pray that your ic and back will be better. keep us updated please.
              Hang in there , There is hope.
              There is hope. Prayer works.

              Love, Debbie


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                This is also anecdotal but for me, the back is everything. I do not have the same thing you do, but I have sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, which for me, means that my pelvis can be out of alignment and that can trigger symptoms. I have been stabilized twice by Physical Therapy and that has helped me. I don't know if that is anything close to what you have going on with your back, but I would tend to think they could be related. I hope your procedure goes well and you find some answers!



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                  Back problems here too! Spinal stenosis & herniated disk. I go to the chiropractor & I find that it helps me. Hugs, Kathi hat
                  One Day At A Time


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                    I think you are very wise in exploring this from all angles. If your back is giving you severe problems, it might help your overall situation if they can fix that one thing. It's a tough one to face. Husband Terry has had two back surgeries --- the first for a stenosis that caused severe sciatica, the second for an injury. For him the surgery was very successful --- it's been five years since his last one.

                    I think of you often and was wondering if the almond milk is still helping you.

                    Sending gentle hugs,
                    Stay safe

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                      When i was 17 back in 1981 i was thrown out the window of the school van in a horrible accident. My whole class suffered injuries from this. But my back was broken (6 lumbar vertabrae fused). However i never had IC pain or symptoms until after 1999 when my gall bladder was taken out. Never had IBS before then either and thats what I'm working on now. I want to find a stomach Dr. willing to do a lap procedure on me and look around in there, see if maybe theres some form of scar tissue or other blockage or a fistula even that is contributing to my problems. I've often wondered though about my spinal damage causing some of the Bladder/Tummy problems.