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  • Fever

    Anyone ever get crazy fevers at night and wake up nervous I'm getting them in the middle of the day now

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    Your post doesn't say whether you have interstitial cystitis, but fever is always a reason to get in touch with your doctor to find out what's going on with you.

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      The only time I had anything like that was menopause. banghead Kathi
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        i am taking megace and going thru that it was at night now its starting during the day... my doctors know~ keep us posted
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          Hey LDog...Ya know, I have a problem with intermittent fevers, and have for quite some time. I have had lots of bloodwork, scans,xrays, poking...all without a clear reason for the fevers.I did read in a book about IC that some people do run fevers with it.You say you get them and sweat in the night. Have you actually checked your temp at that time, or are you going just by the sweating? It could also be a hormonal thing...I sweat so bad, my hair gets all curly, and my face beet red, ans my kids say..."Hey....Mom is morphing!!!" Anyhow, not sure if this was helpful or not, but best of luck trying to find the source of that fever! Be well, and give it to God grouphug
          Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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            I run a low grade fever every day by about 2:00 in the afternoon when I'm having an I.C. flare. My Uro. said that many people's bodies will react to allergy or pain in that manner. He has run every blood test necessary to rule out other causes. I have just learned to live with a constant fever during flares.


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              Although I agree that fever could be the body's reaction to IC inflammation, I would not simply assume it is that. I would work with your doctor to rule out other causes. When all other causes are ruled out, I would then assume it was from the IC.

              Night sweats, aside from actual fevers, can also be indicative of more serious health problems. Please talk to your doctor. There are some simple tests they can preform to check for various causes of fever.

              Hope this helps. Let us know how you do.
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                I know I am bringing up an old thread herem but I am learning my way around the site here and navagating, I found this whole list of symtoms and will probably bring up some other old threads for questions. This fever thread is very important to me as I have had an on going fever for over a year and a half now for no apparent reason, I have been to a rheumatologist, to an infectious diseases doctor,a neurologist, an d now a urologist, where I am now gettin gmy most answers. My mri of brain is fine, no infectios disease, no apparent infection, so doctors think fever is due to inflammation somewhere, as c-reactive protien is elvated some. I had a positve ana 4 yrs ago now negative. I am wondering if the fever is infact due to inflammation in the bladder? would that make sense? will ask uro when I see him again, but thought I would get some thoughts from others here. I have been running right around 99.3-100.3 on average, if it bohters me to much I take tyenol, prior to a yr and a half ago I normally ran 97.9ish. Any thoughts ..thanks Sheryl
                ............ ....take care...Sheryl