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Red blood cells in urine?

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  • Red blood cells in urine?

    I went to the uro today for a DMSO treatment and told the nurse I thought I was getting an infection because my symptoms have increased in the last 24 hours. The urine test showed no infection but a lot of red blood cells. All the nurse said was that just means "your IC is acting up and your bladder is more inflammed". Has anyone else had this? Is this just a symptom of a typical flare? It confused me just because I usually am never wrong when I feel an infection coming on so this was a surprise. Any advice? I would welcome anyone who could help solve this mystery for me.

    Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
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    I have had that happened to me and it just a flare and your bladder being inflamed. Hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas.
    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie


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      I think that most of us at one time or another have have trace blood in the urine. Just part of IC. Try & watch your diet & drink some extra water. Hugs, Kathi grouphug
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        I've had blood in my urine many times, and it's just the little IC hemorrhages in the bladder lining. Some doctors who didn't know about IC tried to convince me it was a UTI, but I knew it was just my IC acting up. My uros have known what it was, and that's one of the things that led me to the IC diagnosis.
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          Me too, blood in the urine but no bacteria. A sign of the inflammation. I would watch still though, just in case the bacteria shows up.
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            Any time I have any irritation at all, I have red cells in my urine --- and sometimes when I feel just fine. When I go for a DMSO they do a check and my uro always tells me if there are red cells, which is most of the time.

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              Not sure about the blood cell part too much but I do agree that if it is off that it would be of course your bladder is not happy naturally in a flare up changes all the chemicals in your body when it is out of wack.
              BUT I think it is really important to remember that even though your urine may not show the nitrate in your urine in being high for infection doesnt mean that you dont have a infection. I think that is really important to remember! I have had urine sent off and the dr has said no there is not a infection as far as the strips are concerned even though I feel the infection and they have sent it off and it has come back positive and they call me to tell me I was right that it doesnt always show right away on the strips. Just a reminder that it is really important to be persistant when you know your body that well to be able to tell the difference!
              Hugs to everyone grouphug


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                the red blood cells in my urine are what made my gynecologist send me to a urologist in the first place, that along with my symptoms and he was pretty sure it was ic even before he did a cysto


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                  For the last 8 years I have had visable blood in my urine. I'm talking from fresh bright pink urine to reddish brown urine that looks like tea or coffee. This was on a daily basis until recently. I had a bladder neck obstruction so I was unable to empty my bladder on top of having IC. My Uro has told me the blood is due to the flare that I am in. I looked at him scratched my head and said a flare for 8 years? His answer to me was yes. I know that I have hurt from mild to severe for the last 8 years with this last year becoming severe on a daily basis.

                  I hope that you get some relief soon. I know how you feel. The First time that I went to urinate and there wasn't visable blood I almost freaked as I was so used to see the blood.
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                    It's pretty typical for IC patients to have some microscopic blood in their urine. I do... but it's much rarer for patients to have visible blood. Usually, if that happens, it's time to call the doc and get a consult on it.

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                      Blood in urine

                      I too suffer from blood in my urine that shows up when they do they u/a at the doc's office. My uro told me that's a normal occurence with IC. Rest assured, obviously by the replies you're getting - you're not the only one.

                      Almost every u/a I've had done shows blood in the urine.

                      Love from far away,
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                        I too usually have trace amounts of blood in my urine most of the time. (It's actually the symptom that the doctors couldn't explain away by telling me that my pain was in my head, so I thank God for it.) When it becomes noticeably visible, though, I go to the doctor as soon as possible. It usually means I'm passing a kidney stone, but it can be (and has been) even worse. Don't even get me started on the worse!! We all have horror stories... I am not a big fan of going to the doctor or hospital & I avoid them like they are the plague, so it usually takes something pretty serious to get me there. When I start seeing noticeable amounts of blood in my urine, I know that whatever is causing it is probably going to wreak havoc on my bladder and I want to be prepared and deal with it as soon as possible.

                        Sending warm healing thoughts and prayers that you're better very soon.
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                          One more for blood in the urine. I have it almost all the time, especially with a flare, I guess it just one more perk to this lovely disease.