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    Totally agree with Jill - what a mind of information she is, brilliant.

    Just thought I'd add that when I had a laparoscopy the doc said you seem to have a lot more fluid within your abdo cavity that people I have operated on before. You also have hyper vascularity (this means that veins show up on tissues which don't normally) - all points to inflammation reaction to things such as foods, stress etc.



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      Oldies but goodies(old threads!!) (sarcasm) sorry!! So is there really a thing called perma-flare?? If there is I am it!! I just tryed napping today as I am constantly tired due to lack of restoravtive sleep. I am afraid to ask for sleeping pills, but if it would help sleep through the night and only get up once or twice it would be worth it. Have tryed over the counter sleeping pills has the exact opposite effect, boing awake all night long, ended giving them to my friend they helped her, glad they helped someone!)Last night, 3x an hour at minimum and I had nothing to drink before or near bed, and its not always a dribble, sometimes it is but others theres a decent stream, why so much!!!! I feel like this poor person who origianally started this thread , hobble to the bathroom , and back, it horrible. I can defianlty tell I need to go get some preleif it did help some when taken before bed. Even while trying to nap I go two minutes later have to go again, and i know the bladder not empting, as each time I went about 10x in 2 hrs, after sitting there awhile I can finally get a stream going, if it were empty and jsut felt full then there would not be a stream going each time, but not enough of a stream to empty it though. And again I keep bringing up becasue it bewilders me, but if I stand espeically at night in aan old towel its easier to go, why?? Or in the shower, why would standing make a difference ai wonder, I have been telling doctors til I am blue inthe face this, they just scracth there head at me . I mean there has got to be something to that, I thnk my fisrt reply came from a kind soul( sorry forgot who) sugggested to look in pelvic floor dysfunction and ask others about it, Brat said she has this, and I have been looking it up and do see some similarities, I guess i will to print and bring in to doc, anyways just venting, reading all these old posts, I am sitting here going yeah thats me! Thanks for listening
      ............ ....take care...Sheryl