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  • update from urodynamics test

    I got the results from the urodynamics test i had done a week ago.The urologist says everything was normal.I cant understand, he did say that i was straining very hard during the test.He said this was something you've learned to do, like learned behavior.The only reason why i strain is when i go to urinate im very hesistant and have to wait 30 seconds or so to get anything coming out.I asked him if in my cystoscopy if i had a hydrodistention done and he said no, he thought i was obsessed about this ic thing.I said no, i was just concerned about it because it has similar symptoms of what im experiencing.He said with ic you would have pain on the filling and emptying of the bladder, he said i only have the urgency symptom.I told him i am not dreaming this up and indeed feel this urge to urinate all day of varying degrees day to day.This is making me think it could all be in my mind, i dont know how though.As this is a definate feeling and im quite normal psyhologically speaking.I mentioned if the drug flomax might help me, and he said didnt i put you on that.I said no and he said well we could try that next and i said yes.So i got a perscription for that yesterday.

    Should i give up on this urologist, and seek a second opinion? This is taking a real toll on me emotionly and i dont know what to do next.All i want is to get rid of the sensation of urgency that i have all the time.I suppose i could live with it, but it makes me feel horrible.

    Before all this started, i had a nucleur renal scan with lasix washout, i am thinking perhaps this is what caused this in me.I had my kidneys checked because my doctor wanted to check what was causing my low back pain.If i had have known this would have happened i would have not had these scans.Could it be possible my low back pain is a factor in this urgency problem? I do feel soreness in my low back , along my spine.

    With this disease when you feel this urgency is there little or no urine in the bladder? reason i ask is when i feel this urge i go to the bathroom and alot of the time i get a weak stream coming out.

    Can anyone suggest what my next step to do would be?

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    You are describing the classic symptoms of I.C. Some people feel pain and others only have frequency and urgency while still others have it all. I have pain and some frequency and urgency and until just recently I've had a week stream. I would suggest finding another dr. who will test you for I.C. either with a potassium test or a hydrodistention cystoscopy. I've got a great urogynocologist now but I went to my gyn and another uro before finally finding someone who would diagnose me. While i suspected I.C. after doing exactly as you have and researching my symptoms I did not let on to my new dr. that I even knew what it was until after he said that he though I could have it. He tested me for many things to rule out everything else possible and then diagnosed me after a positive potassium test. Later I had a cysto/hydro and was able to see the amount of damage that my bladder wall had and it really convinced me that I had I.C.

    I wish you luck in your search for a diagnosis. Check out the list of physicians on this site. You may be able to find one near you. Let us know how your doing.



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      I am frightened that if i got the hydro thing i would get bad pain afterwards .

      I dont pay for this urologist, my main doctor refered me to him.Should i go back to my main doctor and ask for another uro? What do i do?


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        Just a suggestion, but you might give the flomax a try first. If indeed you have been consistently straining to urinate, this may have created a problem for you. If that's the case, the flomax, by relaxing those muscles, might give you some relief. If the flomax doesn't give you any relief in a few weeks, then I would suggest you ask your uro about testing you to rule out IC.

        I hope the flomax will help.

        Warm hugs,
        Stay safe

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