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    Hi Guys ! hi I want to know if anyone out there has leg tremors at night. Actually, tremors is too light of a word. "Jerks" is more like it. At night, as soon as I lay down and begin to relax my body jerks and shakes. Sometimes the force of the shake lifts my body completely off the bed. I have noticed that when I'm feeling bad the tremors are worse. My doc says that this is not unusual but I have never read anything about this on any of the ic literature. Thanks !

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    For me, they diagnosed Restless Leg Syndrome and prescribed Clonazepam. Makes you sleep like a baby. But this makes me wonder if all my problems with my IC relate back to a nerve problem. Hopefully, in the near future, someone will figure IC out! Good Luck!


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      What does your doctor say is the problem? Has he offered anything to help? If not, I think it might be time for a second opinion.

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        Hi Miss Mary,

        My Dr. tells me that I have dysautonomia that affects the autonomic nervous system. I have leg jerks at nite and also leg cramps. You might ask about this when you see your Dr. and read about the National Dysautonomia Research Foundation at blink

        God Bless Silverfox


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          Miss Mary,
          I have alot of upper leg pain but the doctor's seem to think it involes my ic because the pain starts in my right side of my bladder that is where i have two hunner uclers on it and them the pain runs down into the top of my right leg it can be very painful at times when it happens but no one has botherd to tell me what is it.
          Good luck and i hope you feel better soon. grouphug
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