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  • Annie2

    I am very thankful Detrol LA works for me. With it, I can go anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours between voids and I only get up once or twice through the night. I do take it about an hour before bedtime so I have the full effect through the night. I find the last 4 or so hours before time for my next dose my frequency usually increases as the medication wears off. I'd rather have it wear off in the evening, take my next dose and then be able to sleep. When I began the medication, it started working almost immediately.

    I do notice a decreased flow and have to relax and take my time when voiding to enable my bladder to empty.

    Like everything else, this medication works for some and not others. I certainly hope it will provide some relief for you!

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  • khouse
    Hey Girls,
    The oxytol patch worked wonders for me as far a frequency, but it broke me out terribly!!!!!!!!!!! I moved it from place to place, tried it EVERYWHERE and finally just gave up, the last one I wore took over a month to heal at the site and it itched something awful. Detrol la made me feel like i had to potty but couldn't and that was an awful feeling. Just got samples from my doc for ditropan LX or LA can't remember which but have not started yet, can't bring myself to try them because the detrol was so unpleasant! Just my experience, we are all different!

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  • Sarojini
    Hi blueskies...

    Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time grouphug

    I took Detrol LA for a while, and found that it reduced my bathroom trips from once every 10-20 minutes to once every hour (or sometimes a little more). It helped with that "gotta go NOW!!!" feeling. It DID, however, cause a bit of retention, and made it seem harder to pee in the beginning... it kind of takes a while to get used to and/or work itself out.

    Right now I am experimenting with samples my uro gave me... he wanted me to test out Ditropan XL and also the Oxytrol transdermal patch (which is basically Ditropan in a patch form... you stick it on your skin and leave it there for 3 or 4 days, then change it).

    I am wearing a patch right now and it seems to help some (I've been going about every hour today, although last night I had a mini-flare and went every 10 minutes for a few hours). I like the idea of the patch (I have enough cussing pills as it is)... the only problem is that I often develop skin allergies to the adhesives in bandaids and first aid tape, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep up the sticky stuff long-term. I haven't tried the Ditropan pills yet.

    Hope this helps...


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  • blueskies
    started a topic Detrol LA

    Detrol LA

    I've been having horrible urgency and frequency since my hydro. I called my Dr. yesterday and he called me in a prescription to Detrol LA. He didn't sound too convinced that it would help me but I told the nurse I am about going out of my mind. Does anyone else take this? Has this helped at all? If it has, how long did it take to work?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any advice.