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Kidney Pain with IC?

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    Not sure if I'm feeling kidney pain. I feel a sort of pressure like a stiff muscle about 4 inches above my waistline and about 2 inches just left of my spine. Once in a while I feel a strong pitch like a spasm. I'm thinking that the kidneys are located lower. I'm I right?


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      Oh, I have this too sometimes. Mostly just short "pinching" sensations like you said. I always figure it's some little kidney stone working its way down because I've had tons of small and medium sized kidney stones in the past few years and sometimes they get stuck, sometimes they go through without many problems. But I just figured it was another little stone passing or something, didn't even connect it with IC...

      Love, ICY


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        Back Pain ( HA! I laugh) This is why I went to the doctor the first time , I had thought I pulled a muscle and it hurt when i took a breath. He said I had a sever kidney infection that was in Sept.... The pain hasnt gone away yet. I have had a bladder infection and repeditive UTI"S since then.. still have back pain also... kidneys hurt, lower back.. I can definately relate. I go for my hydro to get diagnosed this friday... Ill let ya know.... BUt yes I always have back pain.. seems like it will never end....
        Some day I'll get all of htis into check and learn how to live life with IC. Until then, learn, ask, search and pray. Take care, Coleen