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weird burning during flare symptom- anyone else?

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  • weird burning during flare symptom- anyone else?

    Does this happen to others? When I am flaring, besides the horrible burning sensation associated with IC in the bladder and urethra areas, I also have a strong burning sensation with my bowel area as well.

    I do not have IBS, but during a flare it feels as it my urine is acid and also my #2. Don't mean to be graphic here, but I have always wondered if this happens to others?

    Thanks, Carla

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    Well, I don't have that exact sensation, but I do have rectal pain sometimes during flares. It doesn't happen all of the time, but I can remember a few really bad ones where I did have pain there. It could be referred pain sensations, or a pelvic floor issue as well -- rectal sensations are very common when pelvic floor muscles are tight, according to the Headache in the Pelvis book.

    *Diagnosed with severe IC in 2004
    *Also diagnosed with PFD, fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, IBS, migraines, allergies/asthma, dermatographism
    *Kept trying a million different treatments for all these things until I found what works, and I am doing okay these days with the help of a cocktail of medications and the InterStim, which was first placed in 2007. [I have had 2 revisions - one in 2010 when my battery died and had to be replaced, and one complete replacement (lead and generator) in 2012 after a fall on my stairs caused my lead to move.]
    *Current meds include Atarax (50mg at night), Lyrica (150mg twice a day), Xanax (0.5mg at night and as needed), Zanaflex (4mg at night), hydrocodone (10/325, every 6 hours as needed), Advair, Nasonex, Singulair (10mg at night), oral contraceptives, home instills containing Elmiron and Marcaine (as often as I need to do them).

    **I am not a medical authority nor do I offer definitive medical advice. I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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      I have the same thing as jen.. I never really had burning.. but I do feel rectal pressure and pain many times when I am flaring.. at the same time, I have IBS.. and have had rectal and colon issues in the past.. a lot is due to what I am told is my PFD and how all is conected..
      Healing thoughts



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        All connected

        It is all connected, and the nerves that run through the pelvic floor control bowel, bladder, vagina, urethrea sensations. When something is not working properly symptoms can be felt in any or all of these areas.


        Meds: Melatonin 3mg @ bedtime if needed. Estrogen 1.5 mg troche and 0.1 mg Estrace cream.
        Diagnosis: IC, PFD (both in remission)


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          I have this too! It feels the worst when I am sitting down. The burning/irritation shoots right from my bladder base/urethra to my rectal area. I told my uro about this & even though I did not have any muscle spacicity in my internal exam, he wanted me to try Valium for PFD. He wanted me to take 2mg 3x a day, but I was never able to get past 1/2 pill in the am & afternoon & 1 pill at night. It just made me too groggy & I have a 15 month old & a 7 year old.
          My belief is that it is irritated nerves that just shoot out. It is all very connected down there! I am on 20mg of Elavil right now, which I am sure helps a little, but not enough. I notice it get much worse the week leading up to my period & during the first few days of my period. I am going to try to get back on my Lo-estrin 1/24 BCP to help control this. I think my uro might try me on Lyrica next. He said he has had good luck with this in his patients with nerve pain.
          I hope to find something that helps!