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bad vivid dreams side affect?

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  • bad vivid dreams side affect?

    I've started taking some new night meds at night starting in jan of this year (Enablex 7.5MG, however he just raise it to 15MG yesterday, and Amitriptline 25 MG) and now he just added hydroxyzine pamoate 25MG. However, I guess I get to sleep a little better since they are all drowsy. However, it is just that my dreams have gotten very vivid lately and not so happy heh...I was just wondering if this was a side affect of meds or not..., the other meds I'm on is elmiron as well. I don't know, it could be nothing, its just making it harder to stay asleep...

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    Some medications can have this side effect. Have you mentioned it to your doctor?

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      This happened to me with hydroxyzine. In fact, I found that I couldn't take it. I now take allegra and that works for me. But, everyone is different.


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        I have pretty vivid and strange dreams lately as well, but I no longer take hydroxyzine. But, it is likely a side effect of lots of meds!

        If it's something that's bothersome (which it sounds like it is, no one likes nightmares!), then I would mention it to your doc, maybe you can switch to something different.

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          thanks for the replies, I don't see him until another 3 months so hopefully I can handle it until then


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            When I first started the amitryptiline (elavil) back in October I had very vivid dreams, some were pretty nightmarish. I figured a lot of it could be attributed to the fact that I was sleeping longer, rather than being up every hour or two. It still seems that I'm dreaming more (or remembering my dreams more), but they're rarely scary -- I think that went away after a few weeks. I started on 25 mg at nigth in October 06, went up to 75 mg in November and have stayed at that level since then.


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              I had very vivid dreams that were a btt nightmareish when I first started taking Elavil. It took several weeks for this side effect to go away.
              I was told that vivid dreams can be a side effect of Elavil (amitriptyline).

              If its bothersome and you dont feel you can wait it out to see if goes away,by all means contact your DR to see if theres something else you could try.

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                I took Hydroxyzine HCL (30 mg) for about a week. The first night I felt like I was on a bad acid trip (not that I have done acid). When I was able to fall asleep I would have these horrible nightmares (which led to me not sleeping). After a week of that, I decided to stop taking it.

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                  When I started Lyrica, I started having bad/weird dreams. The kind that I would wake up and then when I fell back to sleep would go right back into. I remember that I would have a dream/nightmare, but never remember what it was about. In reading the side effects, it mentions the possibility of bad dreams. It is strange how meds can effect our thoughts. They haven't been as bad lately.


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                    vivid dreams are a side effect of elavil. i am not sure about the others you are on.