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Could I have an infection without burning?

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  • Could I have an infection without burning?

    I don't think I have an infection but I've been flaring really bad for about 2 weeks now and today I started getting pain in my kidneys and bladder, I have never had pain associated with a flare before, but I haven't had any burning so I really didn't think it could be an infection. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experianced an infection without the burn before, just in case. If not I really don't want to spend the $30 for a useless doctor's appointment where all they will tell me is to rest, drink lots or water and watch my diet, if there is no way it could be an infection

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    I have had an infection without the burning. Actually the only reason I went to the doctor was because all of the other symptoms were there for a prolonged amount of time.


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      I have had an infection without burning as well. I rarely have burning when I have a UTI


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        I just go into a bad flare for no reason and have some pain in my sides/lower abdomen when I get infections. Usually the only way I can tell if I have an infection is when I start to flare really badly and can't figure out what I did wrong to cause it! Definetly don't have to have the burning for it to be infection. Hope you feel better soon.


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          I'm not sure why you couldn't just drop off a urine sample and have them run it for you. Every uro or family doctor that I've been to has allowed me to do this with no charge. If it comes back positive for infection they can call in some antibiotics to the drug store for you. I'd at least have my urine checked if I were you. If your kidneys and bladder are bothering you in a new, and different way, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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            Good idea Sandy.. Thats what I do.

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              you're doctors sound nicer than mine, i have to make appointments, i'm going to go in tomorrow i think to get checked up, at least to know it's not an infection, you know rule it out as an option. My last one was about this time last year so maybe i'm just due.


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                well i went to the doctor and she found blood in my urine so i'm on bactrim again ... i guess i'm releived to know that it is an infection therefore treatable but i don't understand how i even got it. oh well. now it is time to heal thanks for helping me out everyone.


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                  You may not have read under "Antibiotics" that many of us think our symptoms, diagnosed as "IC", are really an infection. There is a type of culture that is much more extensive than the typical lab uses. In many who are told their test is "negative" for bacteria, a broth culture finds a species of bacteria that needs to be treated. There is only one lab in the world that does this culture, United Medical Lab in McLean, VA. There is a professional who treats these hard-to-culture infections who practices in DC. She was a patient herself who found out about broth culturing and is well as a result of treating it. If you wish more information please PM me. Unfortunately some bacteria are slower growing and the typical culture does not find it, so it continues to be a problem and cause symptoms. It is possible to have more than one type of bacteria at one time. E.coli is easier to culture so is assumed to be the pathogen, while another type may be missed.

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