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    Does anyone have any localized pain? There is a quarter sized spot on my right side that is painful when I touch it. Almost like it is swollen underneath there under the pelvic bone. I have been unofficially diagnosed by my urologist with ICN. Won't know for sure until I have a cystoscope on April 19.

    But is localized pain in the bladder/crotch area a symptom that you all have?

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    My IC pain is in the bladder. It feels like it is burning. I also get Urethra Spasms.

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      I did.....

      Hello and !
      I started having horrible pain in one particular spot on my left side (down near my pubic bone) almost a year before my other IC symptoms of frequency, urgency, and pain after intercourse began. My pain was VERY localized at first and felt like a stab, but now I have bladder pain and burning, and pain in my vagina, behind my pubic bone, and in my groin and legs. I have PFD as well, it tends to be very common with IC. IC can be very tricky in that symptoms, triggers, pain, and level of pain/severity of symptoms differs with each individual. That is why for many of us it can take a long time and several Doctors before a diagnosis is reached. Good luck with your upcoming tests and let us know if you need anything! The ICN was a miracle to me right after my diagnosis. I was so scared and lost and I desperately needed the support and realistic tips I found here.
      By the way, have you checked out the patient handbook yet? That was very helpful for me. The diet is a good place to start for pain relief as well.
      IC; PFD; possible Fibromyalgia; IBS;

      Symptoms: Frequency, Urgency, pelvic and bladder pain, bladder and pelvic spasms, difficulty starting urination, weak stream, incontinence, vaginal and urethral pain

      I've Tried:
      three Hydrodistentions, various Rescue Installments; 6 DSMO treatments; Pyridium Plus; Proced; Detrol (patch); Elavil; Uricet K; Elmiron; Nortiptyline; Ultram; Allegra; Ditropan; Ditropan ER; Vesicare; regular Lidocain; Neurontin; Lyrica; and few more I can't remember!
      Currently using:
      Valium; Vicadin; Proced DS; Claritin; Buffered Lidocain; Cymbalta; Baclofen; Prazosin @ night (also on Prednisone and Adderall for my joint pain and severe fatigue)
      Heating pads; frozen water bottles; A&D ointment; Poise pads; IC dieter since 8/06; yoga; imagery & relaxation CD, Mindfullness, self healing CD's; hot baths; seat cushion; prayer
      I am 28 yrs old, dx'ed in '06, still trying to get my health undercontrol!!


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        Yes, I had localized pain only on the left side, pelvic area near the bladder, for several years. This was part of the reason I had trouble getting a diagnosis. Later the pain sort of spread out. I don't know why.

        Very localized tender points can also indicate fibriomyalgia. It's easy to find a web site that shows you where these tender points would be in a fibro patient. There are 18 or 19 of them, and if you have 11 or more, you get a fibro diagnosis. When I had mine done, I had pain on touch in places I never even knew hurt before. They don't even press hard.

        So, the answer is, I guess, yes that's probably normal for IC, but if you haven't been checked for fibromyalgia, it might be a good idea to do that.
        Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
        Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

        Peace, Carolyn

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          It feels like most of my bladder discomfort is on the left side as well, extending down the left inside thigh and sometimes my foot as well.


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            Rachel and Carolyn

            Well that makes me feel better. Not that you both have had localized pain, but that I am not the only one out there feeling this. I am going to go see my gynocologist tomorrow. I don't even know if I should be seeing him. I just felt since he's my home base for female issues I should make an appointment. And the fact that I plan on trying to get pregnant again hopefully in June. Wondering how this pain will fit into a pregnancy. Oh goodness!

            Thanks again!



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              Thanks to anyone I didn't mention

              I love reading all the responses. I don't feel so alone anymore. My husband is clueless. He's trying to understand but I can tell he really doesn't because "I don't look sick". I check this site everyday just to feel connected and normal.

              Thanks to everyone who has responded

              ((((((((((((( HUGS!!!!! ))))))))))))))