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    i've been really good for awhile (almost a year) but as of saturday i've been experiencing major lower tummy pain or lower and it's horrible! i feel like i need to curl in a ball and take a hot shower to feel better...

    in addition (this is gross-i'm sorry!) i've been having diarrhea and a feeling of slight "burning" when i pee...i'm confused b/c i'm not sure if this is probably still part of ic or the beginning of ibs...can someone give me suggestions?

    i'm sorry it's such a lame question!


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    I don't think it's a lame question. You know the saying right? The only dumb question is one you don't ask?

    I'm sorry you are feeling poorly. I'm sure someone will come along that can help. In the meantime.....


    Take care,


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      It isn't a lame question and it isn't really gross. I have heard worse. Ummm...I have no idea when it comes to IBS....other than it is related to IC (but you probably already know that). I also don't know much about burning; supposedly, many "ICers" have burning but it is not one of symptoms so I don't have much of a answer. I hope you get some more replies!!!
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        It could be IC again or IBS or even endometriosis. I would check in with your doc.



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          The burning could be an infection, in which case the pain may be related to the infection. Or they could be separate and not related at all. You should certainly check with your doctor to find out exactly what it is so you can hopefully get some relief with treatment.


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            It sounds like you may have a tummy virus. And with any kind of illness, it will make your IC pain worse. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe if you can eat some plain crackers that will help to firm the stool up and stop the diarreha.


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              It's very possible that you have an infection. I agree that you need to see your doctor.

              Warm healing thoughts,
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                thank you all for your replies! unfortunately my appt is not till april 27th!

                thanks again!



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                  I would suggest that you call your doctor and just ask for a urine culture. They can do that without having to see you. At least, if you rule out an infection, you can figure out what's causing you to flare.


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                    I know that if I get really bad flares, then I also get diarreha.. which doesn't last nearly as long as the flare - but it's still frusterating. As fas as the burning, That's anothing symptom I get with my IC. BUT I would have to agree with everyone else that you should see the doctor to rule out infection. April 27th is a LONG ways away and you shouldn't be suffering the entire time. Plus, if it IS an UTI then you need to get antibotics quick so it doesn't spread into your Kidneys. And your doctor might have a good suggestion for the diarreha too.

                    If there is no way to see your doctor, I would go to a urgent-care clinic just to get a pee test and rule out an infection. He probably will know little or nothing about IC - but at least you could rule out an UTI then. Good luck with everything! I hope you feel better soon!
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                      hi pickpink and mom_in_ma-

                      thank you for your advice...i was able to get an appt for april 2nd w/my
             diarrhea has somewhat subsided...but it's still on the "soft" side (sorry-so gross!). my cramping was really painful last night right before bedtime (of all times!) and i took a urised so i "think" it's what made me feel better...i found the aleeve doesn't help too much for this particular so so weird....

                      thanks for listening! you all are so sweet =)